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Dynamic Balance - Tsz Chiu Chan

Dynamic Balance

By: Tsz Chiu Chan, Yat Kwan Wong

Paperback | 4 January 2022

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Athletes and fitness warriors in the West are constantly looking to train and recover better. They gain muscle mass through weight training but find that their sports performance suffers. They reach a target weight by following a strict diet but feel bloated or tired. They appear to be in great shape but consistently underperform because of mental stress. We need to know how to balance the different training variables available to us in order to achieve and sustain optimum fitness and performance in our lives.

In Dynamic Balance, authors Andy (Tsz Chiu) Chan and Stella (Yat Kwan) Wong show why the rigors of Western approaches to training often create imbalances in our physical and mental health. They explain traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles and techniques in simple terms and demonstrate how incorporating TCM into our lifestyle and workouts can help us perform at our best and be at our healthiest.

TCM is not a myth or weird alternative to real medicine but an ancient practice that's based in science and relevant to us today. In this book, you'll learn how to:

- evaluate the current state of your body and figure out your constitution type

- find the root causes of your imbalances

- adapt your diet and workouts

- strengthen your breathing and develop harmony in your movements

- make better-informed decisions about your health

Your body and fitness needs are dynamic and always changing, as are the situations in the world around you. Dynamic Balance will show you how to adjust your training, diet, and mentality to improve your performance, live a healthier life, and reach your goals.

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