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Communication Patterns : A Guide for Developers and Architects - Jacqueline Read

Communication Patterns

A Guide for Developers and Architects

By: Jacqueline Read

Paperback | 31 October 2023

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Having a great idea or design is not enough to make your software project succeed. If you want stakeholders to buy into your design and teams to collaborate and contribute to the vision, you also need to communicate effectively. In this practical book, author Jacqui Read shows you how to successfully present your architecture and get stakeholders to jump on board.

Misunderstanding and lack of buy-in leads to increasing costs, unmet requirements, and an architecture that is not what you intended. Through constructive examples and patterns, this book shows you how to create documentation and diagrams that actually get the message across to the different audiences you'll face.

This book shows you how to:

  • Design diagrams and documentation appropriate to your expected audience, intended message, and project stage
  • Create documentation and diagrams that are accessible to those with varying roles, needs, or disabilities
  • Master written, verbal, and nonverbal communication to succeed in technical settings
  • Apply the communication patterns presented in this book in real-world projects and software designs
  • Communicate and collaborate with distributed teams to successfully design and document software and technical projects
About the Author

Jacqui Read is a thought leader in documentation and communication of design, outlining technical solutions to a broad variety of audiences, from C-Suite to Technical Lead; and prospective client to Developer. She is an experienced software architect, having worked in domains including FinTech and Big Data, with roles including software developer, technical architect, and solution architect. From her origins publishing blog posts and gists she has become involved in user groups, workshops and conferences, including leading a team to win the O'Reilly Architectural Katas in Autumn 2021, and being a judge for the katas in 2022. Her other interests include living documentation, NoSQL, and agile practices, with a focus on learning and improvement through iteration.

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