8 Aussie Books to Read in 2024

by |January 8, 2024

Australia is a country filled with rich stories. Dive into the vast ocean of Australian culture and witness the power of words to transport you to the sunburnt plains, ancient rainforests, and bustling city streets. Let’s navigate through the pages of Australian literature and uncover the stories that have shaped the nation’s literary landscape.

Book recommendations from Australian Authors for 2024

There are so many amazing books to read by talented Australian and First Nations authors. Check out some of our top recommendations below.

Lola in the Mirror by Trent Dalton

“Dalton holds a mirror up to the darkest corners of this Australian life and reveals every bit of beauty, magic and calamity it has to offer.” — Ben Hunter, Fiction Category Manager

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Edenglassie by Melissa Lucashenko

“Wry, frank and devastating, Edenglassie is a glorious new story of human aspiration, love and legacy from one our greatest living writers.” — Ben Hunter, Fiction Category Manager

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by Kirli Saunders

‘Mate, you’re standing on stolen land.’

Returning is a stunning work – a poetic and visual feast that takes you on Kirli’s journey of rediscovering self, Country and Connection. Kirli’s heartfelt experiences address large contemporary themes of decolonisation, self-determination, Identity, First Nations matriarchy, queerness, justice, love, liberation, and truth-telling.

The backdrop to Returning is a time of huge upheaval with natural disasters, COVID and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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The Visitors
by Jane Harrison

This book is a wonderful achievement of humanity and imagination. Funny, provocative, powerful, and accessible, The Visitors takes the enormity of history and parcels it into something small and profound for the reader. The perfect example of the novel as an imaginative empathy machine. — Ben Hunter, Fiction Category Manager.

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Right Story, Wrong Story
by Tyson Yunkaporta

The award-winning author of Sand Talk returns with a formidably original yarn with Indigenous thought leaders from around the globe.

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The In-Between
by Christos Tsiolkas

The tender, sensual and moving new novel from the award-winning and bestselling author of The Slap and Damascus. A compelling contemporary love story between two middle-aged men, told with grace, heart and wisdom.

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The Conversion by Amanda Lohrey

From Miles Franklin Award-winning author Amanda Lohrey comes a stunning literary foray into place, grief, and what makes a home.

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Salt River Road
by Molly Schmidt

“An insightful new voice in Australian writing, Schmidt approaches big topics with poise and passion in equal measure. The result is deeply moving for the reader.” — Ben Hunter, Fiction Category Manager

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We have shared lots of great options in this article to kickstart your reading. So, grab a book, settle into a comfy chair, and let the pages transport you to the land Down Under – where every word is a step into the heart and soul of Australia.

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