5 Tips For Reaching Your Reading Goal in 2024

by |January 5, 2024

New year, new reading goal? If you’re one of the many people who set an ambitious book reading goal for yourself at the beginning of the year, but find yourself struggling to squeeze in books in the final days, these tips are for you! If you don’t usually set a book goal for yourself, why not give yourself a New Year’s resolution – you might be surprised at how many books you end up reading. 

Here are some tips for reaching your book-reading goals this year.

1. Set yourself an achievable but challenging goal

First consider how many books you would normally read in a month, then times that by 13 or 14. If you’re ready for a real challenge, round that number up to the next milestone number like 40, 50, or 100. I read 30 books last year, so I’m setting myself a goal of 35 books for 2024. 

Some voracious readers can read hundreds of books in a year, which is impressive, but if you don’t normally read that many books, setting a goal that is realistic but not too easy is key to remaining motivated throughout the year.

2. Create a regular habit of reading

Find the time of day that you can set aside to read. Whether that’s before bed, at lunch or on the morning commute. Reading at night is also a great way to wind down for the day. If you’re reading eBooks, make sure the screen light isn’t doing the opposite! Kobo eReaders, for example, have ComfortLight technology, so you can read comfortably well into the night.

3. Diversify your reading formats

Do you ever feel like you can’t find time to read? Or there simply isn’t a quiet moment to pick up a book in your busy week? Try listening to audiobooks for a convenient way to get more reading in your day. Listen while commuting to work, while out for a walk or while doing chores around the house. You might be surprised at how many books you start to read, simply by listening!

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4. Read what you love

It happens to us all. We start the year full of motivation but somehow get into a reading slump. One way to kick-start yourself is by re-reading one of your favourite books. In my opinion, re-read books absolutely count towards your reading goal! And while it might be a great goal to try to read a lot of award winners or star-reviewed books, make sure you mix in the genres and authors you love.

Stuck for an idea? Ask your friends and family for a book that they love to add to your list.

5. Read shorter books

It really is that simple. Novellas, short stories, or even short story collections, are great ways to tackle your reading goal. By nature, they’re fast-moving and easy to sink your (reading) teeth into. Here are some of my shorter book picks:

Do you have any tips for reaching reading goals? Comment and share below!

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