Your Time To Shine : Awaken Your Greatness to Shape the World - MCC Marina Jankovic

Your Time To Shine

Awaken Your Greatness to Shape the World

By: MCC Marina Jankovic

Paperback | 2 August 2021

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"Your Time To Shine is more than a book; it is the guide by your side as you make what you have always hoped for become your reality."

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, the World's #4 Coaching Guru and Author of four best-sellers, including Wander Woman.

Drawing from her own business and talent development experience, along with hundreds of coaching clients' stories, Marina identifies the stepping stones towards creating a more significant impact in business and life; this book is the result. 

Your Time To Shine provides practical wisdom for women - and men - to create the lives they want; by choosing courage, leading authentically, and contributing to a better world for the generations to come.

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