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Building Green Software : A Sustainable Approach to Software Development and Operations - Anne Currie
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Building Green Software

A Sustainable Approach to Software Development and Operations

By: Anne Currie, Sarah Hsu, Sara Bergman

Paperback | 26 March 2024

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How will software development and operations have to change to meet the sustainability and green needs of the planet? And what does that imply for development organizations? In this eye-opening book, sustainable software advocates Anne Currie, Sarah Hsu, and Sara Bergman provide a unique overview of this topic discussing everything from the likely evolution of national grids to the effect those changes will have on the day-to-day lives of developers.

Ideal for everyone from new developers to CTOs, Building Green Software tackles the challenges involved and shows you how to build, host, and operate code in a way that's not only better for the planet, but also cheaper and relatively low-risk for your business. Most hyperscale public cloud providers have already committed to net-zero IT operations by 2030. This book shows you how to get on board.

You'll explore:
  • How the energy transition is likely to change hosting on prem and in the cloud and how your company can prepare
  • The fundamental architectural principles of sustainable software development and how to apply them
  • How to determine which parts of your system need to change
  • The concept of extending hardware longevity and the part that software plays

About the Authors

Anne Currie is a tech veteran who has been a part of the industry as a developer, senior manager, and startup founder for nearly thirty years working on everything from high performance C software in the '90s, to e-commerce in the '00s, to modern operations in the '10s. She is a campaigner for future-proof, sustainable systems and regularly writes and speaks on the subject. She is a community chair of the Green Software Foundation, and co-founder of tech consultancy Strategically Green.

She is also the author of the scifi Panopticon series.

Sarah (Chun-Wei) Hsu strongly advocates green, sustainable software. She regularly speaks and writes on the subject and serves as the chair of the Green Software Course project for the Green Software Foundation. In collaboration with the Linux Foundation, the group recently launched a free online educational course titled Green Software for Practitioners (LFC131) to assist software practitioners in building and maintaining greener applications. She currently works as a Site Reliability Engineer on a distributed platform at Google Cloud.

Sara Bergman is a Senior Software Engineer working as a backend engineer with people experienced in the Microsoft ecosystem. She is an advocate for green software practices and frequently speaks about green software publicly in conferences, meetups and podcasts. She is an individual contributor to the Green Software Foundation, where she has contributed to several projects, including the Software Carbon Intensity specification and the GSF newsletter.

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