Travels in Time : The Story of Time Travel Cinema - Colin M Barron

Travels in Time

The Story of Time Travel Cinema

By: Colin M Barron

Paperback | 15 April 2019

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Since the earliest days of cinema, time travel movies have enthralled and amazed audiences across the world. With their tales of changing history and exploring possible futures, time travel cinema has repeatedly challenged critical expectation and proven popular with moviegoers the world over.

In this exciting new study of the genre, Colin M. Barron explores the history of the time travel film from its formative period right up until the present day. Examining the golden age of time travel movies and their glory days in the 1980s through to the most recent features to have emerged in the past decade, he discusses the many elements which have made these films among the most memorable in all of science fiction cinema.

Recounted with sharp wit and a keen eye for detail, "Travels in Time" is the essential guide to the past and present of time travel movies, with more than a few hints of what we can expect from the future of this endlessly fascinating category of film.

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