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The Superpower Transformation : Making Australia's Zero-Carbon Future - Ross Garnaut
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The Superpower Transformation

Making Australia's Zero-Carbon Future

By: Ross Garnaut

Paperback | 4 October 2022

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Product Description
How Australia can become a leader in a world of zero net emissions

In his bestselling Superpower, renowned economist Ross Garnaut showed that Australia - rich in resources for renewable energy and for capturing carbon in the landscape - could become an economic superpower of the post-carbon world. Now, in The Superpower Transformation, he turns that idea into a practical plan to reshape our nation.

Garnaut outlines new evidence that stronger and earlier action on climate change would be good for jobs and incomes, including in the old gas and coal communities and in rural and regional Australia. He looks at the challenges for the next federal government- how Australia can meet the objectives set at the Paris and Glasgow climate conferences - and the growing costs of not doing so. He shows that our national decisions matter greatly for the world.

With contributions from Mike Sandiford, Ligang Song, Frank Jotzo, Isabelle Grant, Susannah Powell and Malte Meinhausen, The Superpower Transformation covers electricity, hydrogen, steel, exports, carbon capture in the landscape and more. It reveals the rich endowments of five resources that give us the most to gain economically- "The new opportunities are much larger than the old."

Over the past nine years, Australia has consistently acted against its national interest. This compelling collection of essays shows how to change that, so that the nation becomes a confident leader of progress towards zero net emissions.

'Our nation's most prophetic economist' -Ross Gittins

About the Author

Ross Garnaut is Professorial Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Melbourne. In 2008, he produced the Garnaut Climate Change Review for the Australian government. He is the author of many books, including the bestselling Dog Days, Superpower and Reset.

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