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The Silent War Within : Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi - Jane Lim

The Silent War Within

Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi

By: Jane Lim

Paperback | 30 December 2014

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This book is written for healthy families who wish to consciously stay healthy or take care of patients; for unhealthy families and patients who are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases or who struggle with their unknown illnesses; for litigants who were forced to abandon their houses due to mold invasions; for healthcare providers who failed to find a cause of patients' illnesses; and for personal injury or medical malpractice lawyers who are representing ill clients who are struggling with "The Most Common, The Most Deadly" fungal infections. This book is introduced as a landmark to inspire people including cancer patients and healthcare providers about the anciently misdiagnosed illness "Cancer," which is caused by parasitic fungi, is misdiagnosed as flu or a cold in the beginning, and is erroneously treated with wrong medications in the middle of the progress only to discover that the cancer is treated by antifungal medications in the end. This book is intended to educate readers about parasitic fungi that mutate fungal genes to survive in the hosts yielding cancerous cells and that the parasitic fungi are the cause of autoimmune diseases. The main goal of this book is to help children and families who are left behind without treatments under the guise of a false psychological theory "Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy (faking illness)." This book is intended to enlighten readers about risks of parasitic fungi that destruct health, homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and further family relationships, and that construct expensive lawsuits, social distrusts, unnecessary public and medical expenses and secondary victims. This book is aimed at past, present, and future patients who are programmed to fail to get a medical help for early cancer test and treatment under the present insurance policies, immunity laws, and medical malpractice laws that govern millions of health insurance policyholders, healthcare providers, and government-funded medical facilities. The author discusses why GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Vitamins cause antifungal and antibiotic resistances and why GMO Vitamins may initiate or exacerbate autoimmune diseases. This book discusses "causes and effects" and "possible treatments" of autoimmune diseases that are caused by an untreated fungal infection. This book explains why the early signs of autoimmune diseases are neglected either by patients or by healthcare providers, how autoimmune diseases are initiated by a fungal mutation, why the autoimmune diseases respond to antifungal agents, and how curable diseases turn to incurable diseases. This book explains why fungal disruptions in human metabolisms result in "the various names of illnesses" in the beginning and "autoimmune diseases" in the end. This book suggests that a high level of LDL Cholesterol (known as bad Cholesterol) of patients may be a consequence of chronic and acute fungal infections and the LDL Cholesterol may be a fungal sterol that was horizontally transferred from the parasitic fungi that mutate their genes in the hosts to survive from the hosts' antibodies. This book explains how harmful acids are produced when parasitic fungi are hosted by humans and animals, how alcohol (fungal urine) and tobaccos may chemically make more Ergosterol or Lanosterol in the hosts and how patients can repair their damaged cells by alkali metal foods (electron donors) and by photons from sunlight (electron donors). This book explains how cancer tumors and cysts can be treated and how female patients can resume their menopause and become pregnant by electron donors such as sunlight, far-infrared heat therapy, and alkaline foods. This book is not a substitute of a medical diagnosis or a prescription to treat their illness. This book focused on medical malpractice that involved parasitic fungi only. Therefore, competent and compassionate healthcare providers' practices and their professionalism are not the subjects of this book.

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