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The Post-Truth Business : How to Rebuild Brand Authenticity in a Distrusting World - Sean Pillot de Chenecey

The Post-Truth Business

How to Rebuild Brand Authenticity in a Distrusting World

By: Sean Pillot de Chenecey

Paperback | 30 October 2018 | Edition Number 1

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Brands are built on trust but, in a post-truth world, they're faced with a serious challenge when so much of modern life is defined by mistrust. A shattering of the vital connection between brands and consumers, combined with the evaporation of authenticity as a core brand pillar, is causing enormous problems for businesses on a global scale.

If a brand isn't seen as trustworthy, then when choice is available, it will be rejected in favour of one that is.

The Post-Truth Business provides a way forward for any organization wishing to rebuild brand authenticity in a distrusting world. Written by a consumer insights and brand strategy expert, the book explains why numerous interconnected issues are causing problems for businesses.

From the safeguarding of privacy and the impact of fake news in media and society, via ways to create communication with meaning, what we can learn about authenticity from artisans and innovators and guidelines on cultural marketing activity through to one of the most successful advertising campaigns of all time, Sean Pillot de Chenecey explores how business can prevent their brand being eroded by distrust and restore their reputation capital.

The Post-Truth Business shows brands and business how to strengthen their consumer engagement and gain future loyalty. It's packed with case studies and example of inspiring people and dynamic brands including Patagonia, Harley Davidson, Lego, Vans, Telsa, Beauty Pie, Truth.Org, Sezane, BrewDog and TOMS.

These actionable stories will ensure that any company can become a successful post-truth business.
Industry Reviews
"At a time when there is so much disruption, trust is more important than ever. The Post-Truth Business provides invaluable insight into how brands can earn trust and play an authentic and meaningful role in consumers' lives. Sean has always had a knack for uncovering human truths and cultural insights, and he delivers again with The Post-Truth Business. It's a must-read and its publication couldn't be more timely." * John Dunleavy, Global President, m:united McCann *
"A deep study into the culture of post-truth and what it means for brands. This book is a rigorous read for those who want to better understand the implications of our post-truth era." * Sarah Rabia, Global Director of Cultural Strategy, TBWAChiatDay *
"Sean provides an incisive view of the troubled cultural and political landscape that modern brands need to navigate. But what makes this book 'mission critical' is the rigorous research, laser insights and the intelligence briefings he has extracted from a broad range of experts. The Post-Truth Business is a field manual for marketers." * Paul Kemp-Robertson, Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Contagious *
"The Post-Truth Business clarifies the context of how mistrust has been building in our lives over time. People are using social platforms to distort the truth and the more we are exposed to the lies around us, the more immune we become to the central idea of what is real - and right. This book goes beyond the standard text on 'fake news' and digs much deeper, giving a more insightful and worldly view that demonstrates the interconnectedness of how consumers are now informed." * Nicole Fall, CEO, Asian Consumer Intelligence *
"Sean's book shows how and why we are now living in a post-truth world and how this is perhaps not as new a reality as we might think. Through a wonderfully wide set of interviews and examples from around the world, Sean shows a way forward for brands to rethink how they behave in order to regain meaning and trust. The rules have changed, perhaps for good, and The Post-Truth Business is guidebook to help us navigate this new landscape." * Gareth Kay, Co-Founder, Chapter *
"The Post-Truth Business gets to the heart of why trust is vital in society and fundamental for businesses, now more than ever. Prioritising and cultivating trust helps brands not only to stand out but to build a loyal following of dedicated advocates. The book explains clearly and intelligently how brands can benefit from being open, authentic and trustworthy and what they need to do achieve it." * Emily Hare, Editor, The Honey Partnership *
"The Post-Truth Business gives the reader an in-depth understanding of why trust has been eroded in societies and markets, and why there is an increasing sense of frustration in the world. But that isn't the only reason why you should read this book. The Post-Truth Business shows a way forward, how reputation capital can be recreated and why positive brands can be trusted to show us true leadership. That is why you should read it. And when you've finished reading, please send your copy to a politician who will need to read it too! Enjoy the future." * Carsten Beck, Director of Research, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies *
"Everything starts with trust - but how do brands reset their moral compass and gain trust in a post-truth era? Via brilliant storytelling and research, this hugely inspiring and insightful book shares compelling examples of leaders, brands and business models showing the way forward. I believe this is the ultimate handbook for anyone who wants to build reputation capital and future-proof their brand in a post-truth environment." * Anne-Lise Kjaer, Founder, Kjaer Global Futures *
"A constant search for trust, truth, commitment and action must set true north for every business and leader who intends to thrive in the uncertain and unsettling years ahead of us. Those who appreciate the value of authenticity, system-scale change, and the value of both small and beautiful will hold the keys to thriveability. The Post-Truth Business makes a clear and compelling case for change, with excellent examples of businesses and communities already making it happen. Read. Reflect. Act." * Andy Middleton, Chief Exploration Officer, the TYF Group and Co-Founder, the Do Lectures *
"As fake news continues to dominate our headlines, brands continue to misuse our data, and brand empathy and 'trustworthiness' become ever more important issues, Pillot de Chenecey has written an incisive, no-holds barred account of how business is getting it woefully wrong, and what it now needs to change to rebuild trust with an increasingly sceptical and rightfully dismissive customer..." * Martin Raymond, Co-Founder, The Future Laboratory *
"At a time when such tangibles as trust, authenticity, reality and locality are all in the air, it's the perfect timing for a book such as The Post-Truth Business. Deeply researched, it's the perfect atlas for all involved in brand strategy for navigating these very unclear and disruptive times." * David Shah, Publisher & CEO, View Publications *
"With the explosion of social media has come a massive challenge for long established and previously respected institutions. Trust in media and politics is being undermined in a way never seen before. Brands are not immune either and yet no-one has really set out to study the impact of our 'post-truth' world until now with this timely, provocative and ultimately hopeful book." * Ian McGarrigle, Chairman, World Retail Congress *