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The Long Win - 1st edition : The search for a better way to succeed - Cath Bishop

The Long Win - 1st edition

The search for a better way to succeed

By: Cath Bishop

Paperback | 13 October 2020 | Edition Number 2

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'Powerful and profound.' - Matthew Syed

'Anyone interested in motivation should read this book and think deeply.' - Margaret Heffernan

***Selected as one of the Financial Times's Best Business Books of 2020!***

In this fascinating examination of our widespread obsession with winning, Cath Bishop draws on her personal experience of high-performance environments to trace the idea of winning through history, language and thought to explore how it has come to be a defining concept in fields from sport to business, from politics to education. Faced with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, Cath offers a new, broader approach - The Long Win.

Cath competed as a rower at three Olympic Games, becoming the first British woman to win the World Championships and an Olympic medal in the coxless pairs event. As a senior diplomat, Cath worked on policy and negotiations, specializing in stabilization policy for conflict-affected parts of the world. In business, Cath has acted as a coach and consultant, advising on team and leadership development and organizational culture, and teaches on the Executive Education Faculty at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

In this book she brings that extraordinary mix of experience to examine what winning has come to mean to society and to us as individuals and offers a fresh perspective on how we might redefine success - personal and professional - for the longer-term.

'Looking at life from a different point of view is a rare skill. Built on in-depth research and broad experience as well as original thought, this book will change your outlook on everything.' - Clare Balding OBE

'This book is so relevant, timely and exciting for any person or organization wanting to investigate what success means to them. It couldn't be a more relevant book right now and Cath's exceptional ability in so many areas of life make it a gripping read with a lot of key takeaways whatever your area of interest. I wish every leader could immediately read this book as the world would be a better place if they did!' - Goldie Sayers, Olympic Medallist in the Javelin, Coach

'I love this book. It is a must-read for educators, business executives, policy makers, politicians and indeed anyone who wants to understand why we need a new narrative around winning and success. We need a lot more Long-Win Thinking in our homes, businesses and institutions and Cath's book is the place to go to find out why - and how we get there.' - Dame Helena Morrissey

Industry Reviews

I thoroughly recommend this book. It shows our unhelpful obsession with a narrow definition of winning and the devastating consequences that obsession can have. It's very thought-provoking: lots of questions which got me mulling for days. Lastly it gives a helpful alternative- I especially liked the focus on collaboration.
This is both heartfelt and thoughtful- vulnerable self disclosure is twinned with deep thinking and significant research.

* *

In this book Cath Bishop insightfully questions some of these assumptions in society - in sport, business, education and other domains. It's a refreshing perspective that may facilitate a happier and healthier pursuit of one's goals, and may even help make the journey (or the long win) a fulfilling goal in itself.
Would highly recommend this book.

* *

Cath has written a wonderful book - packed with insight from her first hand knowledge and beautifully written too.
This is an important contribution to the growing movement towards organisations fit for humans. Cath gives me more hope that, although it'll be a long win, we'll get there.

* *

This book really does force you to re-think what you have been told throughout life, it offers a different way of thinking about competing, whether that's in sports or at work or anywhere else for that matter. It's a must read because this way of thinking (in my opinion) will 100% produce more well-rounded people who will better themselves and others they come into contact with in a variety of fields.

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Beginning with the discomfort between the language of winning and the complexity of the world right now, Cath Bishop details how the mentality of winning at all costs results in rivalry, selfishness and arrogance, attributes which are unwelcome in both personal and professional spheres. She describes the toxic cultures rooted in winning in the short term, from sport to financial services. She also talks about the problems it can create in education where the focus is often on marks rather than learning, killing the joy of sport for children and more seriously, undermining their self-confidence. Winning is not easily compatible with cooperation and collaboration which are traits employers seek and which make life more rewarding for all.
An outstanding and thought-provoking book

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