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The Hidden Spring : A Journey to the Source of Consciousness - Mark Solms

The Hidden Spring

A Journey to the Source of Consciousness

Author: Mark Solms

Read by: Roger Davis

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Published: 11th February 2021

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A revolutionary new explanation for sentience from the neuroscientist who discovered how the brain dreams.

How does the mind connect to the body? Why does it feel like something to be us? For one of the boldest thinkers in neuroscience, solving this puzzle has been a lifetime's quest. Now at last, the man who discovered the brain mechanism for dreaming appears to have made a breakthrough.

The very idea that a solution is at hand may seem outrageous. Isn't consciousness intangible, beyond the reach of science? Yet Mark Solms shows how misguided fears and suppositions have concealed its true nature. Stick to the medical facts, pay close attention to the eerie testimony of hundreds of neurosurgery patients, and a way past our obstacles reveals itself.

Join Solms on a voyage into the extraordinary realms beyond. More than just a philosophical argument, The Hidden Spring will forever alter how you understand your own experience. There is a secret buried in the brain's ancient foundations: bring it into the light and we fathom all the depths of our being.

About the Author

Mark Solms has spent his entire career investigating the mysteries of consciousness. Best known for identifying the brain mechanisms of dreaming and for bringing psychoanalytic insights into modern neuroscience, he is director of neuropsychology in the Neuroscience Institute of the University of Cape Town, honorary lecturer in neurosurgery at the Royal London Hospital School of Medicine, and an honorary fellow of the American College of Psychiatrists.
Industry Reviews
"A remarkably bold fusion of ideas from psychoanalysis, psychology and the frontiers of theoretical neuroscience that takes aim at the biggest question there is. Solms will challenge your most basic beliefs."
Matthew Cobb

"This treatment of consciousness and artificial sentience should be taken very seriously."
Karl J. Friston

"Solms' vital work has never ignored the lived, felt experience of human beings. His ideas look a lot like the future to me."
Siri Hustvedt

"Solms and his colleagues are making a brilliant, determined, scrupulous, and (one wants to say) tactful endeavour to approach, in a new way, the oldest question of them all - the mysterious relation of body and mind."
Oliver Sacks

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Published: 29th March 2022

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