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Life on a Knife's Edge : A Brain Surgeon's Reflections on Life, Loss and Survival - Dr Rahul Jandial

Life on a Knife's Edge

A Brain Surgeon's Reflections on Life, Loss and Survival

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Published: 3rd June 2021

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Acclaimed neuroscientist and bestselling author, Rahul Jandial, provides an honest account of the valuable lessons we can learn from humanity at it's most vulnerable - patients confronted with their own mortality.

Rahul has spent the last 20 years treating patients whose lives hang in the balance, from keeping a gun victim's heart pumping with his own hand, to saving a woman from paralysis and performing brain surgery while time is running out on a haemorrhaging patient. Rules for Survival distils the resilience, courage and belief he has witnessed from patients and explains how he has harnessed them into 10 practical rules for living a better, more fulfilled life.

Part memoir, part practical guide, this book will equip you with rules to help you cope with the difficulties in life, be it stress, failure, trauma, loss, addiction or identity. Jandial will help you find purpose in the face of futility, strength during times of loss and how to live life to the fullest.

About the Author

Dr Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD, is a dual-trained neurosurgeon and neurobiologist. He is known for undertaking complex cancer operations and overseeing groundbreaking science at the Jandial Lab in Los Angeles. Through his non-profit International Neurosurgical Children's Association (INCA) he travels around the world performing and teaching brain surgery in under-served hospitals in Central and South America, south-east Asia and eastern Europe. Many first came to know him from his columns in Vice and his appearances on American news shows and international channels, including Discovery and National Geographic, among others. His first book, Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon, became a Sunday Times bestseller.

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