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The Change Catalyst : Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change - Campbell Macpherson

The Change Catalyst

Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change

By: Campbell Macpherson

Hardcover | 26 April 2017

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WINNER OF BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2018 (The Business Book Awards)

"Essential reading for CEOs and leaders of change." - Martin Davis, CEO, Kames Capital

88% of change initiatives fail. The Change Catalyst provides you with the insight, tools and know-how you need to make sure your next change, strategy or M&A is the one in eight that succeeds.

Whether you're trying to change a process, a culture, a behaviour or an entire business, success demands complete clarity of what you are trying to achieve and why, followed by a clear plan to align your people to deliver. All change is about people, and one of the most important ingredients for successful change is the identification and appointment of a Change Catalyst. This is the person who can guide your organisation – its people and its processes – to the ultimate delivery of the outcomes your business needs.

The book takes you deep inside the culture and process of change to show you how to set yourself up for success in both the short and long term; identify your goal, clarify your vision, stay focused on the outcome and develop and deliver a do-able plan. It will also explain how to genuinely engage stakeholders at all levels in every stage of the process. Real-world case studies show you what a successful change initiative looks like on the ground, and the Change Toolbox offers a collection of proven tools and models to streamline planning and implementation. Clear, intelligent guidance cuts through the buzzwords to get down to business quickly, and a pragmatic, holistic approach helps you tackle strategy, culture, execution and more.

People don't like change; it rattles their cages and makes them uncomfortable – and emotion trumps logic every time. This book shows you how to pinpoint the emotional triggers, coax logic out of hiding and get everyone on board as you drive real, lasting change.

  • Learn why typical change initiatives are far more likely to fail than succeed.
  • Identify your Change Catalyst to strengthen both process and outcome.
  • Overcome cultural challenges and turn understanding into transformation.
  • Develop and implement a solid strategy for successful change.

Whether you want change at the team level or on a government scale, no initiative is immune from the perils of inertia, misguided focus, distracted leadership or muddled planning. Change is inevitable. Successful change isn't.

The Change Catalyst will tilt the odds on your favour and enable your next change initiative to be among the 12% that succeeds.

Industry Reviews
"A good book, well researched with a clear instruction to use it as a guide and a resource to assess what is the right option for your own organisation."  (Irish Tech News, July 2017)

"The Change Catalyst is well-written and a pleasure to read. It is full of insight and anecdotes to help organisation transform for the better." 
(The Association of MBA's, June 2017)

"This is no ordinary business book. Easy to read and conversational, it leads an entertaining exploration of the subject of change." 
(thebiponline, May 2017)

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