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The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker : Boy from Mexico - Edward Dennis

The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker

By: Edward Dennis

Hardcover | 10 September 2024

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Embark On A Captivating Journey With This Multicultural Book For Kids

This early reader book unfolds a day in the life of Luz, an immigrant farmworker who, once the boy in "The Boy From Mexico," now navigates the challenges of farm life with his own family.

An agricultural experience. With a special focus on the avocado crop, this book serves a dual purpose: to immerse early readers in a vibrant narrative and illuminate farmworkers' dedicated efforts in bringing fresh produce to American tables.

From farm to table. This book entertains and educates, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking food books for kids. With themes of diversity and cultural richness, it becomes a compelling addition to the collection of books for kindergarten and five-year-olds. Additionally, it is an excellent read-aloud option for kindergarten classrooms and resonates with seven-year-olds as they explore the world through literature.

Immerse your child in one of the best bedtime stories, offering a narrative that transcends cultural boundaries and encourages a broader understanding of the diverse contributions to our food industry.

Inside, you'll:

  • Introduce your child to the world of agriculture and farm life.
  • Help your early reader gain valuable insights into the intricate process of cultivating and harvesting food.
  • Gain an appreciation for the vital role of farmworkers in the journey from farm to table, fostering an understanding of the labor that sustains our food supply.

If you liked Right This Very Minute, Harvesting Hope, GROW, or The Boy from Mexico, you'll love The Boy From Mexico Becomes a Farmworker.

Industry Reviews

"Our society is past due in celebrating the hardworking men and women that feed America, working tirelessly from the fields. Edward Dennis's book The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker honors them beautifully! He has illustrated a history shared by so many families in the US after their painstaking journeys. A story filled with pride of a legacy that kids and grown-ups need to better acknowledge."
-Rafael Barcelo-Durazo, consul of Mexico in Tucson, Arizona

"This book beautifully illustrates the resilience and hardships of Luz and his farmworker family. A heartfelt tale filled with vibrant illustrations, The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker gives young readers the opportunity to gain a compassionate insight into the plight of farmworkers across the United States."
-Ilana Pena, creator/executive producer of Diary of a Future President

"A beautiful celebration of food, history, family, traditions, and understanding. The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker pays a much-needed homage to people that have nurtured us through centuries and at the same time builds a path towards appreciation of one of the most ancient and essential human activities: farming."
-Soileh Padilla Mayer, consul of Mexico in Kansas City

"Honoring the work of migrant farm workers, this book is important and informative. A must-read for all ages!"
-Steena Hernandez, author of Lupita's Brown Ballet Slippers

"The Boy from Mexico becomes a Farmworker is a brilliant children's story that feeds our imagination. Rain or shine, hot or cold, dusk to dawn, these are the men, women and children, who make sure we are fed daily. Beautifully written and illustrated. Thank You Edward Dennis."
-Pepe Serna, actor known for Flamin' Hot, Scarface, and American Me

"It's genius! The author's attention to the overlooked intricacies of farmworker families' lives highlights their resilience and challenges. It brought to mind the sacrifices I, along with my colleagues and workers, had to make to ensure we could provide for our families. Thank you. Most importantly, this book aims to effectively educate young readers about social issues while inspiring them to value the contributions of farmworkers to our communities."
-Shayra Hernandez, former farmworker turned community advocate and congressional employee

"The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker is a powerful testament to the unwavering resilience and commitment of Mexican-origin farmworkers. Through vivid storytelling, it shines a light on the often-unnoticed narrative of these unsung heroes, illuminating their character and contributions as the backbone of America's agricultural landscape. This heartfelt book not only honors their labor but also encourages young readers to acknowledge and celebrate the profound impact these individuals have on shaping our economy and society."
-Rafael Laveaga Rendon, consul of Mexico in Washington, DC

"The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker is a story that acknowledges the hardworking presence and soul of immigrants in the fields of the US. The appreciation for this work and the love for their families remind us of the dignity that we should afford to farmworkers and the visibility their skills deserve in feeding a nation. Everyone should read this book, as it dignifies farmworkers and their families, tracing their journey from the fields to our tables. Inspirational and heartwarming!"
-Dr. Nadia Alvarez Mexia, assistant professor of practice, W.A. Franke Honors College, University of Arizona

"A colorful story that teaches us where our food comes from and the reality of the work it takes to reach our homes. A great lesson for all ages and a beautifully illustrated, thoughtful reminder of the importance of farm workers."
-Education department at the National Museum of Mexican Art

"Edward Dennis pours his entire heart into Luz's story through his words and illustrations, crafting a book unlike any other."
-Solany Lara, author of Hija de Mi Padre

"I thoroughly enjoyed the mixing of the languages in the book. Young readers will definitely be engaged in learning about Luz's journey as a farm worker, as well as learning the names of the fruit in Luz's native language. Overall, a very nice read."
-Fatima Hernandez, chief programs officer & DOJ partial accredited representative

"The Boy from Mexico becomes a Farmworker is a colorful children's book that introduces the plight and pride of farm workers. The genius of this book is the opportunity for parents to read this with their children and provide context to the lives of farm workers. It opens up a dialogue that can lead to compassion and understanding of those who feed America, and the world."
-Ester B. Cadavid, chief institutional advancement officer

"We are incredibly excited for Edward Dennis' new children's book about his grandfather, a farm worker. Farm workers sacrifice so much and work tirelessly to put food on all our tables while, at the same time, they face the threat of deportation, climate change, poverty, lack of healthcare, and so much more. It is vitally important that we lift their voices and recognize their work and experiences, passing these down to our children so they may recognize that all workers are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity."
-Erica Lomeli Corcoran, interim chief executive officer, UFW Foundation

"The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker beautifully celebrates the invaluable contributions of farm workers that too often go unnoticed, inspiring gratitude and respect for the hands that nourish us while offering young readers a glimpse into the realities of farm labor and fostering empathy and understanding for those whose labor often goes unrecognized. This book beautifully educates children about the importance of respecting and appreciating the farm workers who sacrifice so much and work tirelessly to harvest the food on all our tables. A must-read for children and adults alike, the book celebrates farm workers' hard work and resilience while offering a powerful message of hope, perseverance, and the importance of standing in solidarity with those who labor to feed us all."
-Leydy Rangel, interim senior communications & marketing director, UFW Foundation

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