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Surviving Your Split : A Guide to Separation, Divorce and Family Law in Australia - Lucy Mannering

Surviving Your Split

A Guide to Separation, Divorce and Family Law in Australia

By: Lucy Mannering, Rebekah Mannering

Paperback | 26 February 2018 | Edition Number 1

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Welcome to the club that you never wanted to join. You aren’t alone: 94,000 Australians get divorced every year, and this doesn’t include de facto relationships, which are just about identical in the eyes of the Family Court.

Of all major life events that mess you around, divorce comes in at number two, just behind the death of a spouse. It’s a scary, confusing time.

But you will get through this. Authors and sisters Rebekah and Lucy Mannering did. Rebekah separated from her first husband four months before Lucy separated from hers. As lawyers who grew up in a family of lawyers, even they felt confronted by their strange new world.

Surviving Your Split is the book they wished they’d had. Practical and humorous, it's the sort of guidance you'd get if your best friend was a family lawyer. It’s for everyone who needs help to navigate the legal minefield of divorce, and wants some tips on how to get through it with their life relatively intact—and the possibility of creating an even better, happier life at the other side.

Surviving Your Split aims to save you money by skilling you up and ensuring the best outcome for you and your family. It is broken into bite-size information including:

  • surviving the first few days
  • telling your children and extended family
  • dealing with the Family Court system
  • negotiating a property settlement
  • and a resource list
About the Author

Lucy Mannering works in the corporate banking sector. She lives in Sydney with her three children.

Rebekah Mannering is the legal practice director of a boutique family law firm based in North Brisbane. She lives in Brisbane with her partner and their blended family of five.

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