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Sociologic : 2nd Edition - Analysing Everyday Life and Culture - James Arvanitakis


2nd Edition - Analysing Everyday Life and Culture

By: James Arvanitakis (Editor), Verity Archer (Contribution by), Aisling Bailey (Contribution by), Glenda Ballantyne (Contribution by), Michelle Black (Contribution by)

Paperback | 13 November 2020 | Edition Number 2

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A contemporary introduction to the study of Australian society

Sociologic introduces students to the study of contemporary society, through everyday life examples and themes. It encourages a boundless curiosity about the social world around us and what it means to take a sociological perspective on Australian society.

Written by teachers of sociology, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with current sociological, cultural and geographical theories and examples. It guides students through the various sociological concepts and how they can relate and apply these theories to their own experiences of everyday life. This insight equips students to have informed discussions about what traditions of our society are important for us to protect and keep, and what parts of society we believe we should challenge and change.

  • Five new chapters:
    Nation and Nationalism in a Globalised World
    Society and the Environment
    Technology and the Digital Childhood
    Social Movements
    Religion and Contemporary Society
  • Takes a sociological view of how society has been affected by current events including COVID-19 and the 2019/20 bushfires
  • Updated student and practitioner profiles help students learn practical examples through the voices and perspectives of real people
  • New themed theory boxes make the text easier to navigate and provide students with historical and current day examples; theory discussion; and sociology methods in action
  • Critical reflection and discussion questions encourage students to reflect on their own lives and how the theories outlined relate to their experiences
  • New contributors of the text are current teachers who understand the tools students need to analyse how society functions, operates, and changes.
About the Editor

James Arvanitakis - Pro-Vice Chancellor (Engagement) at Western Sydney University and a member of the University's Institute for Culture and Society. Named as the Prime Minister’s University Teacher of the Year (2012), he has worked with educators to bring sociological theory to life in South Africa, India, the United Kingdom and most recently in the United States as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Wyoming.


Verity Archer, Aisling Bailey, Glenda Ballantyne, Michelle Black, Denise Buiten, Trudi Cooper, Jen Couch, Clare Davies, Farida Fozdar, Paula Geldens, Michael Guerzoni, Mitra Gusheh, Mitchell Hobbs, Justine Humphry, Nihal Iscel, Benjamin T. Jones, Duncan McDuie-Ra, Nikki Moodie (Gomeroi), Joanne Orlando, John A Rees, Annelisa Sipos, Karen Soldatic, Mair Underwood, Lucas Walsh, and Maggie Walter

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