Self-Belief Is Your Superpower : Unleash Your Life Purpose, Own Your Power, and Become a Magnet for Miracles (Find Your Life Purpose, Women & Business) - Tory Archbold

Self-Belief Is Your Superpower

Unleash Your Life Purpose, Own Your Power, and Become a Magnet for Miracles (Find Your Life Purpose, Women & Business)

By: Tory Archbold

Paperback | 11 April 2023

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Empowerment to Find Your True Life Purpose

In this step-by-step guide, powerhouse Tory Archbold shares her proven principles for success in building entrepreneurial empires. This powerful book for women leaders demonstrates how trusting your intuition and stepping into your power can break you free of judgment, ignite self-belief, and finally attract the richness you deserve!

Staggering success starts within. Are you in a career you never wanted? Are you disconnected from yourself? Are you at a crossroads in life and feeling unsure? Self-Belief is Your Superpower is the book for you. Combining entrepreneurial and personal development, spiritual self-help, and self-esteem for women, this book takes a holistic approach to success, ensuring readers emerge as truly powerful women. Books this impactful are hard to come by-so grab your copy today!

Changing to thrive-from success to success. Author Tory Archibold is one of the most powerful and connected women in Australia, but she wasn't always. With hustle, instincts, heart, and kinship, she found her life purpose and success at home and work-and under her guide, you can, too. This guide is filled with helpful and impactful principles for success and balance as you navigate your new journey.

Inside, discover how to:

  • Create a happy heart and attract the life you truly deserve
  • Find your life purpose with these principles for success
  • Use self-belief to break free of judgment and give yourself permission to shine

If you enjoy professional development books or books for powerful women, books like 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting, How to Change, or I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, you'll love Self-Belief Is Your Superpower.

Industry Reviews

"Tory is driven by authentic connection, fuelled by a commitment to make a meaningful difference. She shares her lived experiences and global adventures as a way to empower and inspire other women, which is how Tory has built a powerful community of women leaders."

-Kemi Nekvapil, speaker, coach, and author of Power: A Woman's Guide to Living and Leading without Apology and The Gift of Asking

"If self confidence is the panacea you need, this book will help you find it. Self-belief really is your superpower, and with Tory's guidance you'll be donning your cloak in no time."

-Melissa Doyle AM, award-winning journalist and producer

"Belief or faith is a currency and there is no better place to invest that currency than in ourselves. Tory's advice in Self-Belief is Your Superpower will help you to use your attention and intention to find the miracles you need in life."

-David Meltzer, cofounder of Sports 1 Marketing, bestselling author of Connected to Goodness, and top business coach

"Self-Belief is Your Superpower magnifies the potential that lies inside each of us. Whether you're searching for structure in your 20s, belonging in your 30s, or success in your 40s and beyond, Archbold's work miraculously speaks to the heart of each reader."

-Emily Tish Sussman, leading democratic political strategist and host of the podcast Your Political Playlist

"The energy that Tory conveys in her new book, Self-Belief is Your Superpower, is contagious. This book is full of wisdom, encouragement and connection. I felt totally uplifted and empowered after reading. If you feel stuck or seek inspiration grab this powerful book."

-Kristen Butler, CEO of Power of Positivity and author of The Comfort Zone

"One of Australia's top female entrepreneurs and CEOs."
-Nova Entertainment

"Tory Archbold is empowering women to realise their potential."

-Channel 7, Australia

"PR and Marketing Powerhouse."
-Money Magazine

"Tory Archbold rose to the top of the cut-throat PR Industry."

"An absolute powerhouse of a woman."
-Gina Devee, author of Audacity to Be Queen

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