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Seasons of the Witch : Mabon - Lorriane Anderson

Seasons of the Witch


By: Lorriane Anderson, Juliet Diaz, Tijana Lukovic (Illustrator)

Card or Card Deck | 5 July 2023

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Card or Card Deck

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Celebrate the Autumnal equinox with Seasons of the Witch - Mabon Oracle and give thanks for the abundance of Mother Earth, both literally and spiritually

Also known as Thanksgiving, Mabon honors the Earth and is a celebration of balance, equality, and harmony. As the wheel of the year comes to an end, Mabon is a good time to set intentions, release the tension, and set new personal goals.

This is a beautifully designed book and card deck set. Each of the 44 cards in this oracle deck is a seed of spiritual guidance--inspired by ancient Mabon traditions--to find answers to your most profound questions. Unlike the previous decks in the series, the cards in this deck offer intuitive messages rather than invocations. These messages give the user a glimpse of the card's inner meaning, making this oracle an excellent way for beginners to developing their own intuitive reading skills.

These cards align with your energy, helping you to unlock your inner wisdom with the help of powerful spiritual forces. Along with thoughtful meanings are invocations, or powerful word spells, to invoke the energy of each card and to send your intentions of spiritual well-being out into the universe.

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Seasons of the Witch : Mabon - Lorriane Anderson

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