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Scaredy Cats : Child's Play Library - Audrey Wood

Scaredy Cats

By: Audrey Wood

Paperback | 1 March 2005

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When Mother Cat allows her two youngest kittens to go on an errand all by themselves, they are delighted. But as they get further away from home the kittens are plagued by imaginary fairy tale fears.

Will they make it to town safely, or will they really be scaredy cats and give up before they reach their destination?

An amusing story that will help children to understand and overcome their own fears.
Industry Reviews
'The two youngest cats, Yellow Kitten and Blue Kitten are unleashed on an errand for the first time by their mother to post a letter in town. The journey becomes an epic adventure which brings them through forests, dark tunnels and nettle fields, up to a rocky ledge on the outskirts of town. Unfamiliar with this new world around them, their minds waft around in the imagination of fear. Trolls, cat-bandits, cat-witches and eagles inhabit this terrain and still they put one foot in front of the other. Their fears are allayed when they meet their grandmother who refutes their claims of terror. A smart and funny books for young readers, this book explores feelings of fear, stress, curiosity, courage and eventual empowerment.' Inis

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