Right on the Edge - Sid de Beer

Right on the Edge

By: Sid de Beer

Paperback | 23 September 2022

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We are Right on the Edge .....

The CIA had secretly dismantled the alien craft, reassembled it and successfully flew it.

'Mr. President, they are about to launch.' 'We need to act immediately, and launch now sir.'

'Our satellites have just captured images of a massive explosion at the Russian nuclear missile site at Saratov, and I can confirm that this is the base where the launch code sequence has been activated.'

The President stared at the images on the monitor and wondered what President Harry S. Truman 

would have felt like in the summer of nineteen forty-five, when he authorized the use of the world's first atomic bomb that killed over eighty thousand people in Hiroshima.

'Congratulations young man, you have just saved the world from total annihilation.'

'We eliminate one group of terrorists, and a day later another rears its head.'

'You both know my philosophy regarding us arresting terrorists, who are then given lenient sentences, and once released, they simply continue on their murderous ways.'

'If we have irrefutable evidence that we have identified a terrorist cell, I believe that we need to eliminate them rather than take them, prisoner, because the legal system is way too lenient in the western world.'

'And yes, we are acting as prosecutor, judge, and jury, which I believe is fully justified.'

'The Three Sixty Degrees Group wants to cull the world's population in half.'

'Of concern is the fact that there are past Presidents, Prime Ministers, captains of industry, academics, scientists, doctors, bankers, and many more wealthy privileged people that are associated with this group.'

'We need to put a stop to this madness before they actually commit a cardinal sin, and succeed in killing billions of people around the globe, which will include both of us, our families, friends, colleagues, and loved ones, so time is not on our side.'

'We need to cut off the head of this poisonous snake.'

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