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Poo Bum : Simon Books - Stephanie Blake

Poo Bum

By: Stephanie Blake, Linda Burgess (Translator)

Paperback | 1 December 2011

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The little rabbit is loved by his family, even though whenever they ask him a question, he answers very rudely.

In the morning his mother would say, 'Time to get up my little rabbit!'

He'd reply: 'Poo bum!'

At lunchtime his father would say, 'Eat your spinach, my little rabbit!'

He'd reply: 'Poo bum!'

One day he meets a hungry wolf. Will the little rabbit learn his lesson once and for all?

About the Author

Stephanie Blake was born in 1968 in Minnesota, USA, and lives in Paris, France. She has written and illustrated dozens of popular French children's books.
Industry Reviews

This book may be a masterpiece.

I've read so many children's books that, when one of them stands out, I notice. Poo Bum is simplistic, with no lessons learned. The illustrations are garish and silly. The story consists of a rabbit repeating a scatological phrase. But, you know what? It made me laugh. I can totally see this being a favourite of little kids, thanks to its hilarious absurdity.

-- The Ladybug Reads

The illustrations are colourful, bold and simple. The repetitive words "Poo Bum!" will have kids engaged and participating with the text. They will want to go back again and again to enjoy this irreverent book of toilet humour. The book is so fun and I highly recommend it.

-- Baby Bookworms

"Likely to stop even non-bookish kids in their tracks.' 'The Best Picture Books for Children"

-- The Guardian (UK)

"I found it funny. Ten year-old found it funny. Seven-year-old considered it hilarious and 2-year-old laughed because everyone else did. What couldn't you like about a potty-mouthed rabbit?"

-- Sunday Star-Times

"Scatological writing doesn't usually impress me - but the plot of Poo Bum is hilarious. Stephanie Blake is a big seller in France. Find out why."

-- The Listener (NZ)

I believe that entertainment is an overrated function of art and we should be challenged by what we view and read.

-- Simon Pegg

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