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On Eating Meat - Matthew Evans

On Eating Meat

By: Matthew Evans

Paperback | 1 July 2019

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A scorching manifesto on the ethics of eating meat by the best placed person to write about it - farmer and chef Matthew Evans, aka The Gourmet Farmer.

How can 160,000 deaths in one day constitute a 'medium-sized operation'?

Think beef is killing the world? What about asparagus farms? Or golf?

Eat dairy? You'd better eat veal, too.

Going vegan might be all the rage, but the fact is the world has an ever-growing, insatiable appetite for meat - especially cheap meat. Former food critic and chef, now farmer and restaurateur Matthew Evans grapples with the thorny issues around the ways we produce and consume animals. From feedlots and abattoirs, to organic farms and animal welfare agencies, he has an intimate, expert understanding of the farming practices that take place in our name. Evans calls for less radicalisation, greater understanding, and for ethical omnivores to stand up for the welfare of animals and farmers alike. Sure to spark intense debate, On Eating Meat is an urgent read for all vegans, vegetarians and carnivores.
Industry Reviews
HUGH MACKAY: 'Compelling, illuminating and often confronting, On Eating Meat is a brilliant blend of a gastronome's passion with forensic research into the sources of the meat we eat. Matthew Evans brings his unflinching honesty - and a farmer's hands-on experience - to the question of how to be an ethical carnivore.'

RICHARD GLOVER: 'Intellectually thrilling - a book that challenges both vegans and carnivores in the battle for a new ethics of eating. This book will leave you surprised, engrossed and sometimes shocked - whatever your food choices.'

PROFESSOR ANDY LOWE, Director of Agrifood and Wine, University of Adelaide: 'Insightful, well-researched and highly readable, Matthew Evans' new book On Eating Meat presents an honest and challenging assessment of the livestock industry and the ethical and environmental issues surrounding our consumption of meat... this book equips the reader with the knowledge to get beyond the entrenched opinions of its topic area, and allows us to decide whether and what type of meat we wish to consume, and with what consequences for the future.'

ANTON VIKSTROM, Good Life Permaculture: 'Mathew Evans fearlessly investigates where our food comes from and the hidden impacts of our industrial food system. If you eat meat, read this book.'

ALEX ELLIOTT-HOWERY, Cornersmith: 'This is the most important food book I've read in years. Not just for meat lovers or vegans, it should be read by anyone who eats food. When I finished this book I felt informed, connected and empowered to make better decisions about how I shop, cook and eat.'

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