No Flying in the House : Harper Trophy Books (Paperback) - Betty Brock

No Flying in the House

By: Betty Brock

Paperback | 5 May 2020

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A funny and fantastical novel about a young girl who makes a life-changing discovery about who she really is. Perfect for fans of The Tail of Emily Windsnap--or anyone who has wondered if they might have some magic in them.

Most little girls have parents to take care of them, but not Annabel Tippens. She has Gloria, a tiny white dog who talks and wears a gold collar. Annabel never thought it was strange that she had Gloria instead of real parents. Until one day a wicked, wicked cat named Belinda comes to tell her the truth--she's not just a little girl, she's half-fairy!

And she can do lots of things that other kids can't do, such as kiss her own elbow and fly around the house. But being a fairy isn't all fun and games, and soon Annabel must make a choice. If she chooses to be a fairy, she'll have to say good-bye to Gloria forever. But how can she decide between her newly found magic and her dearest friend?

There's a reason so many people have such fond memories of reading this timeless, sweet classic. Today's young middle graders continue to read the book with pleasure--they too will try kissing their elbows in order to fly!

Industry Reviews
Interestingly, among "Other Books You May Enjoy" on the jacket are two whose particular, almost antithetical strains - skepticism in The Mummy Market, awe in the case of The Diamond in the Window this combines or rather fluctuates between, seldom achieving either. The basis is pure fairy tale a mortal who marries one, their child to choose between this world and the other; but Annabel is unaware of her identity until the competition between tiny talking dog Gloria (representing earthly life) and tiny gold cat Belinda (who'd entice her to fairyland) enables her to force the truth from them. Quite condescendingly present is rich Mrs. Vancourt, who has the necessary connections - she collects miniatures, lost a son who ran away: she wouldn't have taken in three-year-old Annabel except for three-inch Gloria, Annabel's proclaimed protectress. It is not until Annabel, turned six, becomes somebody instead of "the little girl," first hears tell (from Belinda) that she may be a fairy, tries to see if she is and finds out - meanwhile going to school and making a friend who doesn't believe a bit of it - that this takes on a funny, fondly mocking cast. And only when devoted Gloria, to give Annabel a foretaste of fairyland's loneliness, turns herself into a toy, does it approach tragedy. The ending reverts to form - snugly: freed by her decision to remain human, Annabel's parents appear, and her father is the long-missing person. Dispensable. (Kirkus Reviews)

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