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Management by INTENT : The Five Principles - Abrar Ansari

Management by INTENT

The Five Principles

By: Abrar Ansari

eBook | 16 November 2020

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As Corporate America comes under intense scrutiny from stakeholders who demand a change to the single-minded focus on shareholder profitability, an increasing number of business leaders are beginning to search for more equitable and fair company practices. Management by Intent (MBI) offers a unique solution to business leaders who are seeking holistic transformations.

Based on the author's upbringing, steeped in mysticism, MBI rests on the principles of preservation of life, dignity, reason, wealth and the future. Given the challenges we face today of environmental degradation, poverty, pollution, and resource scarcity, maintaining the status quo is not an option. The capitalistic rules of engagement need to change.

MBI provides a blueprint for sustainable course correction. The book outlines and explains the foundational aspects of the MBI philosophy, taking readers on a journey to its underpinning framework, which leads to the higher level of consciousness required to become

the business of tomorrow. The principles can be used as guideposts for this journey.

Our planet is a closed-looped system. Any attempt to fix its issues, without a fuller understanding of the interdependencies of all the moving parts,

will have detrimental effects on the world we inhabit.


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