Learning How to Learn - Idries Shah

Learning How to Learn

By: Idries Shah

Paperback | 31 August 2017

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Sufi thought has been made easily available to the West thanks to the books Idries Shah.

But is merely wanting to learn about it enough?

What kind of preparation does a potential student of Sufism need to have to benefit from what Shah's writings offer?

Learning How To Learn is a crucial book for readers wishing to approach the Sufi Way. In it, Shah uses much of the language of Western psychology - still in its infancy in comparison with its much longer evolution in the East - to explain basic concepts for anyone trying to understand this philosophical system.

Built around Shah's answers to some of the many thousands of questions he received - from all manner of people and from all over the world - it shines a light on how traditional Sufi psychology can benefit both individuals and society in general.

Automatic thinking, and the many desires, hopes and fears which can pose as an aspiration towards personal development, are among the most important barriers to progress.

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