Lead Yourself First - GracePoint Publishing

Lead Yourself First

By: GracePoint Publishing, Michael Wader

eBook | 7 September 2021

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Have you recently been promoted? Are you ready to become a leader of change? Are you looking for new tools to help you navigate your new path? Lead Yourself First is what you're looking for! Companies around the world are looking for leaders who can lead them through the current changes we are seeing in our global community and into the future. A high price is paid to these skilled leaders and this book will help you find your way as you begin your new journey. Learn to lead yourself through your new changes and then you will be able to strongly lead others. This book will show you how to lead teams through motivation, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Learn how to communicate like the 21st Century Leader you are and how to get things done. In Lead Yourself First, you will build your own Personal and Professional Strategic Plan so you can become a leader of change and secure your successful future. All this and much more to help you become the leader of change!


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