Killing for Country - David Marr

Killing for Country

By: David Marr

Paperback | 3 October 2023

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A gripping reckoning with the bloody history of Australia's frontier wars

David Marr was shocked to discover his forebears served with the Native Police, the most brutal force in Australian history. Killing for Country is the result – a personal history of the Frontier Wars.

Marr brings his experience as an investigative journalist, an award-winning biographer and political analyst to the story of a colonial family that seized hundreds of thousands of acres of land and led Aboriginal troopers into bloody massacres in the most violent years of the Native Police.

Killing for Country is a unique history of the making of Australia – a richly detailed and gripping family saga of fortunes made and lost, of politics and power in the colonial world, and the violence let loose by squatters and their London bankers as they began their long war for the possession of this country – a contest still unresolved in today's Australia.
Industry Reviews

"This book is more than a personal reckoning with Marr's forebears and their crimes. It is an account of an Australian war fought here in our own country, with names, dates, crimes, body counts and the ghastly, remorseless views of the 'settlers'. Thank you, David."-Marcia Langton

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