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Just a Thought : A No-Willpower Approach to Overcome Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind - Amy Johnson

Just a Thought

A No-Willpower Approach to Overcome Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind

By: Amy Johnson

Paperback | 1 October 2021

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You are not your thoughts! Learn how to overcome negative thinking habits and self-doubt so you can experience more confidence, freedom, and peace of mind.

When you understand how your mind works, unhelpful and noisy thoughts move to the background, and your awareness shifts to something quieter and deeper. This is true peace of mind. And it's not some unattainable goal reserved for the most enlightened among us. Anyone can experience it. This book will show you how!

From life coach and psychologist Amy Johnson, this user-friendly guide offers a no-willpower approach informed by ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience to help you change your negative thinking habits, make peace with your inner critic, and experience more self-confidence and freedom than you ever thought possible.

Our minds are hardwired to expect the worst. They love to replay the past and predict the future. They have strong opinions that feel solid and meaningful, but are always changing and contradicting themselves. When we think our thoughts define who we are, we suffer. But when we see the truth-and we glimpse the space that lies beyond those self-created stories-we suffer far less. This book will help you glimpse that truth, and use it to find lasting peace.

Industry Reviews
Just a Thought helps you see why you suffer, and it shows you how to wake up to your innate well-being.”
—Deepak Chopra, MD, author of Total Meditation

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