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Good With Money - Emma Edwards

Good With Money

By: Emma Edwards

Paperback | 27 February 2024

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A game-changing, practical guide to the psychology behind your spending habits, revealing how to manage your money without missing out on the things you love.

Have you ever avoided looking at your banking app after a big night out? Placed an online order during a late-night doomscroll? Or felt helpless when your new budget simply failed to stick, despite your best intentions?

If that sounds familiar, this is the book for you. In the age of smartphones and social media, we're surrounded by an endless stream of stuff we could buy, not to mention social conditioning around what makes us happy, as well as fast fashion, algorithmic advertising and 'where did you get that' culture.

Financial behaviour expert Emma Edwards will help you unpack the reasons you're so emotionally tangled with your money (spoiler: it's absolutely not your fault) and look at what might be keeping you stuck. She'll teach you to reclaim your decision-making, deep-dive into your beliefs, identity and habits, and come out the other side feeling 'Good With Money'.

With a step-by-step guide to creating a money management system that actually works, Good With Money will change the way you think about budgeting, consumption and yourself, and put you back in the driver's seat of your own financial future.

'A practical, funny and relatable guide that won't make you feel bad about your finances.' Sal & Al from Two Broke Chicks

'Emma Edwards is redefining financial wellbeing for a whole generation of women . . . Realistic, inclusive and tangible money advice—with heart.' Maggie Zhou

'This book will not just tell you HOW to improve your financial situation, but help you understand WHY it's always been so damn hard.' Ash London

About the Author

Emma Edwards is the Founder of The Broke Generation, and a copywriter, content creator, podcaster and Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®. While working as a copywriter in her twenties, Emma turned her own finances around and began creating content to help others do the same. Passionate about the emotional, psychological and behavioural sides of money, she undertook graduate study in the emerging field of Financial Psychology and Behavioural Finance to continue exploring the complex relationship we have with money, with the aim of helping more people change their money habits from the inside.

Emma's flagship podcast, The Broke Generation Podcast, reaches thousands of listeners each month. Outside of work and money, she's a cat lover, blue cheese enthusiast and binge-reader of Australian noir and domestic drama.

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Good With Money - Emma Edwards


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