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Frogs of the World : A Guide to Every Family - Mark O'Shea

Frogs of the World

A Guide to Every Family

By: Mark O'Shea, Simon Maddock

Hardcover | 9 April 2024

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A richly illustrated guide to the world’s frogs that includes species from every family.

With more than 7,600 known species, frogs exhibit an extraordinary range of forms and behaviours, from those that produce toxins so deadly that they could kill a human many times over to those that can survive being frozen in ice. Frogs of the World is an essential guide to this astonishingly diverse group of animals.

An in-depth introduction covers everything from the origins and evolution of frogs to their life cycles and defense strategies. Beautiful illustrations accompany profiles of species from each family, shedding invaluable light on the enormous range of appearance, habitats, and behaviour of these marvellous creatures.

About the Authors

Mark O'Shea is professor of herpetology at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK and the author of many books, including Snakes of the World and Lizards of the World (both Princeton).

Simon Maddock is a lecturer in ecology and evolution at Newcastle University in the UK. He works on the ecology, evolution, and conservation of threatened amphibians and reptiles.

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