Fit for Disruption : How to Transform Your Business and Thrive In Times of Rapid Change - Matthew Webber

Fit for Disruption

How to Transform Your Business and Thrive In Times of Rapid Change

By: Matthew Webber

Paperback | 13 April 2020

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The world is changing at a rapid rate. It's throwing up an endless supply of opportunities - and risks. In other words, it is disruptive. How does a business survive, and indeed thrive, in the midst of this disruption?

By embracing the disruption and providing the direction and environment that helps make the most of the opportunities it creates. Leaders can transform their business and thrive in times of rapid change by applying the three attributes of the Fit for Disruption model:

  • Be Commercial: Fit for Disruption leaders have a focus on the structure and control of the organisation. They understand where they are going and why. They build a business model that is profitable.
  • Create Solutions: Fit for Disruption leaders don't stand still. They are inquisitive, they want to be better at what they do, and they love to solve problems. They are innovators. And they employ the people who can help them do and be all these things.
  • Effect Change: Fit for Disruption leaders build momentum and energy around a cause. They take an idea and make it happen. They are not pontificators; they focus on action and deeply connect to their people and customers.

When leaders build their business on these three attributes, they will not only navigate the storms of disruption, but begin to create their own opportunities and become the disruptors of the future.

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