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Escape from Colditz - Board Game : 75th Anniversary Edition - Brian Degas

Escape from Colditz - Board Game

75th Anniversary Edition

By: Brian Degas, Pat Reid, Peter Dennis (Illustrator)

Game | 1 September 2017 | Edition Number 1

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Ages: 12+
Number of players: 3-8
Playing time: 90-120 minutes
Components: over-sized game board, 56 playing pieces, 96 playing cards, rules booklet, history booklet, replica P.O.W. aid box, 2 dice, some hidden surprises

This is the enemy—Colditz Castle.
Tall, grey, forbidding, it rises out of the cliff face, an impregnable fortress.
During World War I, Colditz was a prisoner-of-war camp from which no one escaped.

This is World War II.
Now you must attempt to Escape from Colditz.
Play as allied prisoners of war, gathering equipment and planning your escape.
Play as German prison guards, with absolute authority but limited numbers.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Major Pat Reid's escape from Colditz Castle during World War II, this is the definitive edition of an iconic game. Escape from Colditz been given a complete visual overhaul from renowned World War II artist Peter Dennis. Designed by Major Reid himself, the rules have been updated in consultation with co-designer Brian Degas.

About the Creators

Major Pat Reid, OBE, was a British Army officer during World War II. In 1942, he became one of the few people to escape the Nazi prison Colditz Castle. He is the author of two books about his experience in Colditz, The Colditz Story and Latter Days at Colditz.
Brian Degas is a screenwriter and producer best known for his work on Barbarella, Danger: Diabolik and the 1972 BBC series Colditz. A close friend of Major Pat Reid, they worked together to recreate the Major’s daring escape from Colditz.
Industry Reviews
"I think this might be one of the most gorgeous board games ever published. Bravo!" - Man vs Meeple

"The details are fantastic as you’ll crawl through tunnels, clip the outer wire, maybe even steal the German Officer’s Staff car and drive out the front gate. The vectors of escape and little touches encountered will vary due to cards drawn and situations in play. It makes for an exciting story as you scale down a couple of walls and gun it full speed with guards in hot pursuit." - Geek & Sundry

"Thrilling at an emotional level and instantly generates a reverence and respect that causes you to approach this game from a different angle; this isn’t Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, or even Memoir 44. . . if you can get into the mind of the POWs and what they went through, then you will eat this one up. It’s beautifully portrayed and it offers genuine atmosphere steeped in a chilling experience." - Charlie Theel, Geek & Sundry

"Everything about the production is absolutely amazing. I think Osprey Games hit it out of the park with redoing this. The attention to detail is amazing. This is one I really think you should play for yourself and check out. You will be immersed." - The Game Boy Geek

"I recommend Escape from Colditz as an immensely satisfying and immersive experience." - The Board Game Show

"If trying your own luck at the castle sounds like a fun time, then you’ll love the board game Escape from Colditz." - Unbound Worlds

"We played a 5 player game and it took 3 hours to play. Everyone really enjoyed it . . . My other half commented after everyone had gone home that we were far more boisterous than usual and it sounded like we were having a whale of a time." - Lizard Lounge

"I’m enamoured by what the product is. For me this is more than just a board game. This is a window into the life of Pat Reid, and the experiences he had during the latter stages of the war." - Alexander, The Players' Aid

"Everything about Escape from Colditz just oozes quality, from the production values to the historical accuracy and from the nostalgia to the balanced game play." - Gaming Respawn

"Stellar production for creating a classic game!" - The Dice Tower

"This is a brilliantly produced game." - The Discriminating Gamer

"Clearly, a lot of care and attention has been paid to respecting the original game and its real-life muse, while also making smart changes to help find a new audience today. All of the components are finished to an impressive level of standard, complemented by beautiful new artwork and the fascinating historical artifacts and details. It’s the type of set you could see continuing to be passed down through generations another 75 years from now." - Tabletop Gaming

"Escape from Colditz is a great game with a unique and exciting theme that will appeal to a wide variety of gamers, from those into historical games, to those who enjoy strategy with a twist. Osprey did an amazing job on this reboot of a classic and it's one that you should have in your game collection." - Military History

"The 75th Anniversary Edition of Escape from Colditz is a beautiful tweak of a classic board game. With its impressive historical foundation, beautiful presentation, and the blessing of the original designer, Osprey’s update easily earns a place in the hearts of historical gamers and World War II history buffs everywhere." - GTM

"Five stars! Escape from Colditz is enjoyable and atmospheric. Few games can boast having a designer involved in its subject, which gives it a unique quality. Unlike other war games that attract mainly military historians, Colditz has the ability to attract wider crowds, including families and kids." - World War II magazine

". . . the game unfolds as if you're watching a movie." - Board to Death

"[Escape from Colditz's] current presentation is lovely, for a stark measure of loveliness, and it is clear that this anniversary edition is a meaningful tribute to the original." - Andrew Fisher, Gameosity

". . . the art and style really brought the theme to life and also really respected the original publication of the game." - To Die for Games

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