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Constructing Grounded Theory : 2nd edition - Kathy Charmaz

Constructing Grounded Theory

2nd edition

By: Kathy Charmaz

Paperback | 12 November 2013 | Edition Number 2

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Kathy Charmaz presents the definitive guide to doing grounded theory from a constructivist perspective. This second edition of her groundbreaking text retains the accessibility and warmth of the first edition whilst introducing cutting edge examples and practical tips.

This expanded second edition:

  • explores how to effectively focus on data collection
  • demonstrates how to use data for theorizing
  • adds two new chapters that guide you through conducting and analysing interviews in grounded theory
  • adds a new chapter on symbolic interactionism and grounded theory
  • considers recent epistemological debates about the place of prior theory
  • discusses the legacy of Anselm Strauss for grounded theory.

This is a seminal title for anyone serious about understanding and doing grounded theory research.

Industry Reviews
Kathy Charmaz's new edition of her classic text on developing grounded theory is an invaluable resource for qualitative and mixed methods scholars. Her formulation of grounded theory analysis is remarkable for its eclectic synthesis of what have been contentious approaches and for its clear connections to the variety of qualitative data analysis methods. I have used Dr. Charmaz's work to teach both general induction and specifically grounded theory methods. The emphasis on research thinking and decision making, the explicit discussion of theories we start with and theories we build, and the extensive variety of examples in the second edition enrich our understanding of what we are doing when we do research. The book is an indispensable part of a qualitative research library. -- Judith Preissle, Professor Emeritus
This is a powerful, richly nuanced, evocative work. It is masterfully grounded in the grounded theory strategies and practices of established scholars. It represents a stunning and brilliantly innovative intervention. It provides ground zero - the starting place for the next generation of social science scholars. A major accomplishment. -- Norman K. Denzin, College of Communications Scholar and Professor of Sociology
This is an excellent book. It is easy to read, gives lots of practical advice and is quite profound. If you are serious about studying the conceptual universes and the interior worlds of research participants in a way which recognises that the researcher is intimately involved in the construction and analysis of data, this is a book which will make you re-think how you conduct research. -- Paul Webb, Research Manager, Praxis Care, Belfast

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Published: 19th March 2014

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