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China's Plan to Destroy America : China's Plot to Destroy America - Gordon G. Chang

China's Plan to Destroy America

China's Plot to Destroy America

By: Gordon G. Chang

Hardcover | 3 September 2024

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Available: 3rd September 2024

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"A much needed wake-up call that China assumes that it is open season on Americans."

--Victor Davis Hanson

"There is a Red Storm rising in the East--and America is already under assault from the Chinese Communist Party."

--Lou Dobbs


--Xi Jinping, 2020

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, chairman of the Central Military Commission and the president of the People's Republic of China, wants to shape the world in China's image, and in his conception of the world there is no place for the United States or even the current international order.

Noted China analyst Gordon G. Chang warns that Xi Jinping believes he must destroy America to accomplish his objectives. And that Xi already has a plan to do it

Xi reveres Mao and is marching China back to Maoism. He is reinstituting totalitarian social controls, demanding absolute political obedience from everyone, and cutting foreign links. Closing China off from the world is an essential element of his plan to save the communist system. His isolationism and xenophobia evoke policies from the earliest years of the People's Republic and during the two millennia of imperial rule. And Xi can't stop talking about war. More significantly, he is implementing the largest military buildup since the Second World War, he is trying to sanctions-proof the Chinese regime, he is stockpiling grain and other commodities, he is surveying America for strikes and sabotage, he is mobilizing China's civilians for battle, and he is purging China's military of officers opposed to going to war.

While America's elite thinks their country is at peace, China's regime is waging its brand of war. The Chinese regime has deliberately killed Americans in great numbers this century--with disease and in other ways--and it has a plan to destroy America. The communist party-state in fact believes it must eliminate the United States to ensure its own survival. And to accomplish its goals, the regime is now fast mobilizing to go to war. China is preparing to plunge the world into conflict.

In PLAN RED: China's Project to Destroy America, Chang argues:

  • China's campaign against America excludes nothing and uses every point of contact with American society to destroy it.
  • China has been attacking America from inside America
  • China's penetration of American society has been so thorough that the Communist Party has been able to kill Americans with impunity
  • Xi turned an in-country epidemic into a once-in-a-century pandemic. This is the first time in history that one nation has attacked all the others.
  • The Communist Party is using all its resources to support criminal activity in America, and Americans are dying as a direct result of those activities.
  • Xi Jinping's China is preparing to go to war. Not just "unrestricted war" or political war but "hot war" or "kinetic war," in other words, war as Americans see it in the movies.
  • And China's regime is planning to kill Americans in even greater numbers. It is marching the country to war.

Americans, in the triumphalist mood after the fall of the Soviet Union, thought they should establish contacts with China. Now, the Chinese regime uses every point of contact against America, and at the moment the regime is overwhelming American institutions. The FBI is being overwhelmed, local law enforcement is being overwhelmed, governments at all levels are being overwhelmed, and private organizations are being overwhelmed. After more than three decades of intensive "engagement," it is clear Washington's generous approach has failed. America has not changed China, as everyone now realizes; China has changed America.

Chang believes it is time to take a page from Ronald Reagan's playbook and work to bring down the enemy: the Communist Party. The Communist Party often talks about "win-win" solutions, but as its actions make clear, it believes there can be only one survivor, either the People's Republic of China or the United States of America.

In this situation, there is only one solution: America needs to sever virtually every point of contact with the regime.

As much as the United States wants to avoid war, China, for a host of internal reasons, is driving hard toward it. And should China ultimately choose war, the United States will almost certainly be in the fight.

China has a plan to destroy America. Does America have a plan to defend itself?

Industry Reviews

Praise for PLAN RED: China's Project to Destroy America by Gordon G. Chang

"China is attacking America. The assault is malicious and relentless. Gordon Chang's Plan Red: China's Project to Destroy America not only sounds the critical alarm but also makes clear what the United States must do to defend freedom."

-LOU DOBBS, host of The Great American Show and Lou Dobbs Tonight and New York Times bestselling author

"Gordon Chang's most recent book about communist Chinese anti-American agendas differs from most such warnings, in that he chronicles a sustained and holistic effort to attack, both psychologically and materially, the U.S. from the inside. And what he outlines is terrifying, from Chinese efforts to poison American youth with fentanyl across an open border and support for organized criminal gangs to operating leaky bio-labs inside the U.S. Chang offers a comprehensive account of the Wuhan lab's birth of the COVID-19 virus-and the CCP's efforts to disguise that fact. A much needed wake-up call that China assumes that it is open season on Americans at abroad and now at home, in every imaginable fashion."

-VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, Hoover Institution senior fellow and New York Times bestselling author of The End of Everything

"Gordon Chang's Plan Red lays out in precise detail how China plans to bring down America and rule the world. Chang's prescient warning is a wake-up call that we ignore at our peril...and our demise."

-KT MCFARLAND, former Deputy National Security Advisor, Department of Defense Distinguished Service Award recipient, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Revolution

"Nobody outside China's political orbit understands Beijing's plans and ambitions better than Gordon Chang. He is the go-to guy to keep current on what is really going on. His integrity and independence make him a national treasure."

-DICK MORRIS, host of Dick Morris Democracy on Newsmax TV and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Return: Trump's Big 2024 Comeback

"America may have won the Cold War against the Soviet Union, but Communism is stronger than ever thanks to Beijing and its agents and sympathizers across US campuses, boardrooms, and even inside Congress. One man who fearlessly tells the Truth about the greatest threat we face is Gordon G. Chang. Read this book. Before it's too late."

-SEBASTIAN GORKA PHD, former Strategist to President Donald J. Trump and host of NEWSMAX TV The Gorka Reality Check

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