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China Blonde - Nicole Webb

China Blonde

By: Nicole Webb

Paperback | 1 October 2020 | Edition Number 1

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'A hilarious exposition of culture shock' - Chris Bath

From a TV newsreader in Sydney to a hotelier’s wife in the heart of China – this is a true story of reinvention, love, and finding your place in the world.

Nicole Webb and her husband, James, are always up for an adventure, so when James is offered a job in the ancient city of Xi’an in north-west China, they jump at the chance. Nicole, James and three-year-old Ava pack up their home in Hong Kong and fly into a world they know nothing about – a place where they know no one.

Touching down, culture shock hits Nicole head-on. It feels as if all eyes are on her and Ava, the only blondes in the jam-packed arrivals hall, two foreigners, so far from home.

With honesty and humour, Nicole takes us on a journey of daily life in the Middle Kingdom at a time when the whole world is looking towards China.

We follow her search for friendship and acceptance where she discovers, no matter what your culture or background, we’re connected the world over by the common thread of humanity.

China Blonde gives us a very personal insight, told with a journalist’s eye view, into the lives of those who embraced Nicole with open arms. Her experience along the way will resonate with anyone who’s ever built a life in a new home – be it across the city or across the world.

About the Author

Journalist, Writer and Speaker, Nicole Webb spent 20 years in Australian television as a reporter, producer and presenter. She has recently returned to Sydney after nearly a decade abroad in Hong Kong and China.
Industry Reviews
China Blonde is a book about having faith. Enough faith in your marriage to leave your comfortable Hong Kong home and move to a desert city in the middle of China where barely anyone speaks English. Enough faith in yourself to leave a high-profile television career and reinvent not just your working life but your entire sense of self and enough faith to believe that the people you meet along the way won’t just be acquaintances but life changing friends. The excruciating cultural clashes will have you laughing out loud and wondering whether you have enough faith for adventure. I’m not sure I would have survived the episode with the local doctor and the sheet of A4 paper. If you want to know ... read the book, it’s brilliant.”
Susanne Latimore, Former Sky Newsreader, now Media Advisor, Sydney Trains

“Why would you go to a Tier 2 city in mainland China... where barely anyone speaks English... where your husband's going to be super-busy all the time... and with a child who's only just starting school? Well, maybe because you're Nicole Webb... who epitomises the phrase "jump, and the net will appear". China Blond' is the story of someone who throws caution to the wind, who puts family above all else, and who pushes through the adversity to find something truly worthwhile and life-changing. Let's be honest - being an expat or (dare I say!) a 'trailing spouse' in Dubai or Singapore or Hong Kong is totally doable. Nicole knew that from experience. But Xi'an in China is another situation altogether... and in 'China Blonde' you'll see how she made it work. You'll also learn something. China is a fascinating and often misunderstood country. It's easy to look at it from the outside and just not 'get it'. But with Nicole as your guide, you'll get the full picture from someone who lived it. Loved this book, loved the emotions, the humour, the quirky insights, the victories. 'China Blonde' - both the book, and the woman - are well worth your time. The most understandable, accessible and enjoyable insight into China. Read it and learn!’
Kamahl Santamaria - Al Jazeera Television Presenter

“One woman’s hilarious adventure finding the Yin to her Yang.”
Chris Bath - Channel 10, Presenter

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