The Best Features in an eReader 2024

by |March 28, 2024

Have you ever thought about buying an eReader but aren’t sure what features best enhance your reading experience? We have partnered with our friends at Kobo to compile all the best core features that you should consider before making a purchase.

eReader features you will love

A Splash of Colour

Reading on a device doesn’t have to be in black and white. Kobo’s latest release of devices is allowing book lovers to step into a new world of colourful covers, illustrations and more. The Kobo Clara Colour comes with new and improved colour features in this much loved eReader, plus you can now colour your thinking by highlighting and annotating your pages or notebook in colour thanks to the new Kobo Libra Colour.

Adjustable Screen Brightness

Not all screen time is bad before bed. A critical feature in an eReader is an adjustable brightness setting to help you read during all hours of the day. ComfortLight PRO technology in particular, is designed to reduce eye strain by limiting blue light so you can stay in your story longer. Some eReaders, such as Kobo’s suite of devices, include this feature and also come with the latest E Ink technology, so you can enjoy faster page turns and deeper contrast as well the option of Dark Mode, which acts as another way to reduce eyestrain.

Kobo Libra 2 waterproof capabilities

Font Size Flexibility

Sometimes when you’re reading a book written with a small font, don’t you wish you could make the writing just a little bit bigger? This is one of the little talked about but big benefits of eReaders. You can adjust the text size, fonts, line spacing, and even the justification to make reading easier on your eyes.

Audiobook Compatibility

If you enjoy listening to stories as much as reading them, then ensuring you’re choosing an eReader with audiobook compatibility is a MUST. This will let you seamlessly switch between reading or listening to a book on a single device. Kobo’s devices such as the Clara 2E and Elipsa 2E come with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair your headphones and listen to your favourite story while you’re on the go.


Being able to take your eReader to the pool, beach, bath and more water-prone places lets you enjoy the benefit of reading anytime, anywhere in even more places. Make sure you choose an eReader that has been tested and certified as waterproof in certain conditions.

Library Connectivity

For those voracious bookworms who want access to a cost-effective way of borrowing books like the library but also a single place to store all your books, choose an eReader that allows you to borrow eBooks from your public library directly to your device. Integrations such as OverDrive on Kobo eReaders allow you to do this. Simply sign up to your local library or sign into your existing account on your device to start borrowing books direct to your device.

Reading on a Kobo eReader

There you have it – all the best features to make your reading the best experience!

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