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Big Meg : The Story of the Largest and Most Mysterious Predator that Ever Lived - Tim Flannery

Big Meg

The Story of the Largest and Most Mysterious Predator that Ever Lived

By: Tim Flannery, Emma Flannery

Paperback | 1 August 2023

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A paleontological tour de force on the super-predator of the prehistoric marine world, the great shark megalodon.

When Tim Flannery was a boy he found a fossilised tooth of the giant shark megalodon at a Port Philip Bay beach near his home. This remarkable find-the tooth was large enough to cover his palm-sparked an interest in palaeontology that was to inform his life's work and a lifelong quest to uncover the secrets of the world's largest ever predator, the great shark Otodus megalodon.

Tim passed on his love of the natural world and interest in the fossil record to his daughter, Emma, a scientist and writer. And now, together, they have written a fascinating account of this ancient marine creature.

Big Meg charts the evolution of megalodon, its super-predator status for about fifteen million years and its decline and extinction. It delves into the fossil record to answer questions about its behaviour and role in shaping marine ecosystems as well as its impact on the human psyche. It contains stories of the scientist and amateur fossil hunters who have scoured the seas, and land, for fossil remains, drawn to the beauty and mystique of the great shark, sometimes meeting their death in the process.

Like the fossil record itself, this enthralling story is a piece of the great natural history of our planet.

About the Author

Tim Flannery is a palaentologist, an explorer, a conservationist and a leading writer on climate change. He has held various academic positions including visiting Professor in Evolutionary and Organismic Biology at Harvard University, Director of the South Australian Museum, Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum, Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne, and Panasonic Professor of Environmental Sustainability, Macquarie University. His books include the award-winning international bestseller The Weather Makers, Here on Earth, Atmosphere of Hope and Europe: The First 100 Million Years.

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