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Be as Happy as Your Dog : 16 Dog-Tested Ways to Be Happier Using Pawsitive Psychology - Michelle Waitzman

Be as Happy as Your Dog

16 Dog-Tested Ways to Be Happier Using Pawsitive Psychology

By: Michelle Waitzman

eBook | 15 April 2023

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Dogs find plenty of reasons to be happy every day. Why do we struggle to do the same?

Be as Happy as Your Dogexplains how you can learn to enjoy life like dogs do. After all, a dog's default position is to be happy-right here, right now. Bringing together the latest research from dog behavior experts and leaders in positive psychology, this book reveals easy changes you can make to level up your happiness today-and make it last.

You will start feeling happier, even before you finish the book. Chapter by chapter, you'll get easy-to-use advice that doesn't require you to follow a complicated program or change your whole lifestyle. Dog lovers will immediately connect with the insights and realize that we can embrace the same joyful attitude as our dogs.

Learn 16 ways to be happier, inspired by dogs:

  • "Wagging your tail" by celebrating your small wins will boost your happiness and spread it to others.
  • "Chasing the uncatchable" dreams and goals that mean the most to you will keep you motivated and help you succeed.
  • "Trusting your sniff test" to quickly assess people will allow you to avoid toxic relationships.
  • "Playing" all through your life will help you solve problems, boost creativity, and simply enjoy more of the activities you love.
  • "Walking every day" will make you feel more engaged with the world and release your stress and anxiety.
  • "Finding your pack" to spend time with the right people will provide the support, comfort, and connection you need.

Plus 10 more dog-tested methods of finding pleasure in your everyday experiences, enjoying each moment as it happens, loving yourself as much as your dog loves you, and adding more happiness to your life.

It's the happiness advice your dog wants to share with you!


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