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Ancient Rome   : 2nd Edition - Social and Historical Documents from the Early Republic to the Death of Augustus - Matthew Dillon

Ancient Rome

2nd Edition - Social and Historical Documents from the Early Republic to the Death of Augustus

By: Matthew Dillon, Lynda Garland

Paperback | 30 June 2015 | Edition Number 2

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In this second edition, Ancient Rome presents an extensive range of material, from the early Republic to the death of Augustus, with two new chapters on the Second Triumvirate and The Age of Augustus. Dillon and Garland have also included more extensive late Republican and Augustan sources on social developments, as well as further information on the Gold Age of Roman literature.

Providing comprehensive coverage of all important documents pertaining to the Roman Republic and the Augustan age, Ancient Rome includes:
  • source material on political and military developments in the Roman Republic and Augustan age (509 BC – AD 14)
  • detailed chapters on social phenomena, such as Roman religion, slavery and freedmen, women and the family, and the public face of Rome
  • clear, precise translations of documents taken not only from historical sources but also from inscriptions, laws and decrees, epitaphs, graffiti, public speeches, poetry, private letters and drama
  • concise up-to-date bibliographies and commentaries for each document and chapter
  • a definitive collection of source material on the Roman Republic and early empire.
Students of ancient Rome and classical studies will find this new edition invaluable at all levels of study.

About the Authors

Matthew Dillon is Associate Professor of Ancient History at the University of New England, Australia. His main research interests are ancient Greek history and religion. With Lynda Garland, he is the author of Ancient Greece: Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander, Third Edition (Routledge, 2010) and The Ancient Greeks (Routledge, 2012).

Lynda Garland is Professor of Ancient History and Head of the School of Humanities at the University of New England, Australia. Her main research interests are in the areas of ancient history and Byzantine Studies.
Industry Reviews

"Dillon and Garland's first edition has already proved itself indispensable for upper-level courses on the history of the Roman Republic. Now this thorough revision, with the scope expanded to include Augustus' rule, will serve as a more valuable resource than ever. I especially welcome the decision to trim editorial comment so that ancient voices in all their richness and variety can be heard more fully." - Richard Talbert, The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA

"A great boon is provided to students and teachers alike by this second incarnation of Dillon and Garland's Ancient Rome, which helpfully extends its coverage to take in the momentous half century of the triumvirate and principate of Augustus, a period that they illustrate with a selection of translated sources chosen with the same judicious care that they applied to the free Republic." - Benet Salway, University College London, UK

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