Amanda Commander : The Blues-Day Tuesday - Coral Vass

Amanda Commander

The Blues-Day Tuesday

By: Coral Vass, Heidi Cooper (Illustrator)

Paperback | 6 March 2024

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Amanda and her two best friends, Lucia and Mai, are the Dolphin Squad. They live by the beach, hang out in HQ and solve all sort of problems. Amanda Commander is nearly nine and there is nothing she loves more than hanging out with her two best friends at HQ, making all sorts of plans and solving all kinds of problems.

Amanda Commander is kind, loyal and a natural-born leader. But even school can be a battlefield sometimes, so sometimes Amanda and her Squad need a plan just to survive.

When Amanda returns to school after having a sick day, she finds fitting back into the friendship group tricker than she imagined. Amanda makes a plan, with the help of the Dolphin Squad, to go out of their way and include anyone. But when Eve is sick and has a few days off school, how will Amanda ensure Eve doesnt have a blues-day back at school just like she did? Its OPERATION WELCOME BACK

Amanda tries everything to make Eve feel included, even when it means being left out herself.

AMANDA COMMANDER - THE BLUES-DAY TUESDAY is the fourth book in a Junior Fiction series promoting kindness, loyalty and friendship.

Industry Reviews
"The Blues Day Tuesday is the perfect book for beginning readers, who are ready to move on to 'chapter books' and read independently. With its themes of kindness, friendship and inclusivity, it's also an ideal 'shared read' for children aged 4-7 years with their parent or teacher as it is sure to inspire deeper conversations, reflections, problem-solving and personal connections."

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