Already Here : A Doctor Discovers the Truth about Heaven - Leo Galland

Already Here

A Doctor Discovers the Truth about Heaven

By: Leo Galland

Hardcover | 13 February 2018

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"Dr. Leo Galland, a respected global leader in the eld of holistic medicine, has written an astounding book of revelations about the nature of heaven and earth, loss and pain, and love." -- Christiane Northrup, M.D., #1 New York Times best-selling author

Already Here tells of the death of Leo Galland's son, Christopher, at the age of 22; the direct visual evidence Christopher showed him that our souls do go on; and the communications he received from Christopher's spirit that dramatically changed Leo's understanding of life and its meaning.

In life, Christopher was a brain-damaged special needs child who challenged everyone he knew with his unpredictable behavior and uncanny insights. After his death, he revealed to Leo the real purpose of his life, as a spiritual guide who taught others by confounding their assumptions and expectations. And he began to share with Leo a new perspective on everything from the nature of good and evil to the concept of timelessness to the notion that the universe is, fundamentally, an act of love.

Christopher's wisdom was revealed to Leo over the course of a year, coalescing into three themes, which Leo calls the Gift of the Opposite, the Gift of Presence, and the Gift of Timelessness. Leo quickly came to realize that these gifts were not for him alone: they contain ancient wisdom, held sacred in many traditions, that Chris intended him to share with others. He has written this book, under Chris's direction, to do just that.

Already Here presents a unique dialogue in which an analytical, scientific mind tries to comprehend truths from another plane of existence --one that, nonetheless, is inseparable from our own. Chris describes Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, as unified opposites that cannot exist without each other and cannot be separated from human consciousness. The book takes its title from Christopher's final message to Leo, in which he describes Heaven as an "eternal present" where everyone is together, even those of us still living earthly lives. "Lighten up," Christopher says to his father. "You're already here, you know."

Industry Reviews
"Leo Galland brings us on a journey of the heart, infinite awareness, and discovery."
-- Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of You Are the Universe

"Dr. Leo Galland, a respected global leader in the field of holistic medicine, has written an astounding book of revelations about the nature of heaven and earth, loss and pain, and love. All guided by the spirit of his special-needs son, Chris, who died at the age of 22. I read the entire book in one unforgettable afternoon and was profoundly moved. You don't want to miss this one."
-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., #1 New York Times best-selling author

"Climbing inside the human brain is a daunting assignment, one that is made even more challenging when that brain is damaged. This is what makes Already Here--Leo Galland's searingly personal account of the life and death of his 22-year-old special-needs son, Christopher--such a gripping and triumphant story. Part intimate memoir, part spiritual guidebook, Galland's heartfelt chronicle of his family's journey through their ordeal is a spellbinding exploration of life after death, and a bracing reminder of the indestructible power of a father's love. At one point in the story, Galland underscores the impact Christopher had on his family, recalling his brother once saying, 'I really need a dose of Christopher.' Just one day after finishing this remarkable and inspiring book, I found myself longing for another dose of Christopher, too."
-- Marlo Thomas, award-winning actress, producer, activist, and best-selling author of Free to Be . . . You and Me

"Already Here is an amazing journey from the rational to the intuitive, living in the moment, birthed by love, pain, and loss. When I finished, I looked at adversity and time differently and decided to surrender with joy."
-- Susan Sarandon, mother, activist, and Academy Award-winning actress

"Already Here is a heart-touching story of how love transcends death and that those who pass never leave without leaving something behind for us to continue living with. Christopher is a beacon and wise soul who has and continues to touch many from his life in the spirit world. I found this story food for my soul."
-- James Van Praagh, spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author of The Power of Love

"Already Here is an awe-inspiring after-death communication received by a medical doctor from his son Christopher who had crossed over after a fatal accident. Soon after, signs began to appear and Chris began speaking to his father, imparting his knowledge and wisdom about the purpose of life. This inspiring book is an education for living--about how to enjoy life to its fullest, transforming anger and hate into love, about being human, and how love transcends physical death."
-- Anita Moorjani, New York Times best-selling author of Dying to Be Me and What If This Is Heaven?

"I've known Leo Galland for many years as having one of the most brilliant medical minds for solving complex problems. Already Here reveals his personal journey beyond medicine into the deeper world of spirit, arising from the passing of his son. It's a journey of true healing and wisdom profoundly presented. I couldn't put it down."
-- Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D., founder of Blue Spirit Costa Rica and co-founder of Omega Institute

"This is a beautiful book to read gently, allowing emotional response to the written events as they unfold peacefully. It's a winner!"
-- Judith Stanton, co-author of Emmanuel's Book

"Words can't capture the ineffable experience of Presence, which is timeless and eternal, more closely than Dr. Leo Galland in Already Here. This is a heartwarming and eloquent description of that experience, which is all the more extraordinary because his training as a highly rational mind allows him to integrate, understand, and explain the personal meaning of such an experience."
-- Dr. Jay Lombard, neuroscientist and author of The Mind of God

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