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9 Cats 9 Lives : Influential People & Their Past Lives Karma, Reincarnation & You - Elizabeth Clare Prophet

9 Cats 9 Lives

Influential People & Their Past Lives Karma, Reincarnation & You

By: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Paperback | 25 October 2021

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FDR, Al Capone, Henry Ford . . .

What were they doing on Atlantis?

And how did that set the stage for future lives?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet penetrates the veils of akasha to reveal the past lives of individuals who helped shape the modern world. As she traces threads of karma, we see how their choices in many lives set their destiny and the karmic challenges they would face in the twentieth century.

The stories are intriguing. More importantly, they show that while karma may determine the cards we are dealt in life, we each choose how we will play our hand. We can rise to our higher calling and balance our karma-or wrap ourselves more tightly in its bonds.

The message is that we can transcend our past-and our past lives-and find a new freedom and joy in life each day.

About the Author

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. Her books have been translated into more than thirty languages and her insights on the spiritual path continue to inspire new generations of seekers around the world.

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