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Thrive By Design : Your Guide to Abundant Living - Andrew Lord

Thrive By Design

Your Guide to Abundant Living

By: Andrew Lord

Paperback | 20 August 2022

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How is it that some people find their place in the world and make a positive difference, whilst others stay stuck in unfulfilled obscurity?

Andrew Lord, a renegade schoolteacher turned lifestyle design coach has been helping parents and professionals to think bigger, live bolder, and shine brighter for more than 20 years.

In THRIVE BY DESIGN you will embark on a personal discovery adventure using his proven process to learn who you are, how you think, what you want, and why it matters.

Unlock your dreams. Empower your mind. Live smarter. Make a difference.

Industry Reviews

"There is so much thought and learning that has gone into this book.

It's like a training manual for life! When I was reading, I felt encouraged and supported as though someone was coming alongside and working collaboratively with me. You can tell he's done this a lot in real-life."

Claire Pullen, Editor

"Andrew is a gift and a blessing in my life. He has more of a special ability to prompt a personal deep-dive than anyone else I have ever met. The questions he asks and the scenarios he asks you to imagine in this book will help you access insights into yourself that you never even knew existed. With these insights, Andrew will help you take them from newly discovered truths to actionable steps that will allow you to become more of the person you want to be."

Tom Schumann, Writer & Coach

"Whilst most self help books offer ethereal one note solutions to life's problems, Andrew Lord's book wisely flips the question around, asking the reader to set the parameters and ultimately find the solutions. Andrew for want of a better word is our 'spirit guide' on this journey but more importantly guides us by relating it back to his own experiences. An effective tool for individuals and groups to work out how to achieve goals of any size."

Mark Glover, Teacher

"This is a straightforward, effective toolkit of skills and frameworks that can work for anyone who is truly interested in developing agency and improving their experience of life. For me, these offerings came alive and were made relatable to my own life through the personal stories he shares, and through the contributions from a diverse group of his professional peers. The benefits from my time invested in reading this book have been manifold for both myself and the people I connect with."

Katwin Gibson, Educator

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