The Talking Trees - Frank Thomas Smith

The Talking Trees

By: Frank Thomas Smith, María Teresa Gutiérrez (Translator), Celina MacKern (Illustrator)

Paperback | 15 September 2022

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Alma and Nico live on opposite ends of a forest near their homes. One day when they are both reading the same book (The Magic Mound) within the forest, but far from each other, the trees suddenly talk to them. They are very surprised to hear trees talk, but the trees explain that they only talk to people who listen. They explain that they heard men talking about cutting down the forest to sell the wood or the land or build things on it. Alma and Nico are alarmed by this news and decide to do something together to prevent it. So they talk to many other children, who decide to join them in their attempt to save the forest. A bi-lingual, English and Spanish, tale for children age 8 on up.

This bi-lingual English/Spanish edition was written by Frank Thomas Smith and translated by Maria Teresa Gutierrez, with illustrations by Celina MacKern. Edited and cover design by James D. Stewart.

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