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The Pathway to Flow : The New Science of Harnessing Creativity to Heal and Unwind the Body & Mind - Sidsel Rostrup

The Pathway to Flow

The New Science of Harnessing Creativity to Heal and Unwind the Body & Mind

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Available: 25th July 2024

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Available: 25th July 2024

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Whether you feel in the zone - in the flow state - by playing an instrument, cooking, drawing, dancing or crafting, research shows that just 15 minutes of creativity a day can transform your life. Using neuroscience insights and inspiring stories of everyday artists, Dr Christensen uncovers how flow can help you experience the benefits of mindfulness without meditating.

After an injury derailed her career as a ballet dancer, Julia was unable to dance as a mode of expression, and felt more stressed and less energetic. She realised then that creative expression has a deeper impact than entertainment and embarked on a new career in psychology. Now working as a neuroscientist, she's spent the past decade unlocking the secrets of flow, mapping out what happens in our brains when we create and play, and how both can soothe and sharpen the mind.

This book teaches us to harness our creativity every day, and reveals:

  • Why we ruminate or procrastinate - and how to snap out of it
  • Why making even 'bad' art can be a mood booster
  • How adopting a creative practice can improve problem-solving
  • How to build a science-backed practice that suits you best
  • Why art can be your trusted companion during trauma-healing

The Pathway to Flow offers cutting-edge insights into why all of us are artists at heart, and how embracing this part of our humanity can help us regulate our nervous system, enjoy the current moment and reconnect with our bodies.

'Wow, I love this book!' Dr Jeff Rediger, Harvard Medical School

'Absolutely delightful' Joseph Devlin, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL

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