The Direct Path to Self-Realisation and Beyond : A Spiritual Path for the Twenty-First Century - Cliff Bunning

The Direct Path to Self-Realisation and Beyond

A Spiritual Path for the Twenty-First Century

By: Cliff Bunning

Paperback | 1 April 2011

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This is a book about spiritual development - your spiritual development actually. It is about empowering you, so that you can take charge of your own spiritual development so as to have a meaningful and deeply rewarding spiritual life. You don't need to join any organisation, or even leave your own home, in order to achieve your full spiritual destiny. Surprising as it might seem, this unique book sets out how you can achieve Self Realisation, (enlightenment), in as little as one to two years. This is something that normally takes many decades or whole lifetimes to achieve using traditional methods. How is it done? By learning a simple, easily mastered method of contacting, and mentally talking with, in a two-way mode, any high level spiritual being you want to. It's called channelling, but there is no spirit taking over your body or funny stuff like that. So you get spiritual guidance, tailored to your own individual needs, from whomever you like, as often as you like, on a 24/7 basis, and entirely at no cost to you. You can see why it is called The Direct Path to Self Realisation and Beyond! What does the Direct Path require of you? Just a strong desire to achieve your full spiritual potential as a human being. The book is written in a warm, personal style, so it is accessible to everyone, and usable by anyone. The way forward is all laid out for you. The only question is - Are you up for the challenge?

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