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The Day Before : Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife - Sheila Jenkins

The Day Before

Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife

By: Sheila Jenkins

eBook | 15 February 2017

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The Day Before is the true love story between longtime friends, Sheila and Sam, who's friendship turned into something more. But it was a brief, short-lived happiness, as Sam tragically and unexpectedly died the very next day. Sheila found herself consumed by unbearable grief as she tried to make sense of Sam's sudden passing. Shortly after his death, Sheila began to receive messages known as After Death Communication (ADCs) from Sam. Did Sheila and Sam's relationship start the day before he passed, or had they known each other from another lifetime? Was their connection an eternal bond that transcended the boundaries of life and death? In her grief, Sheila began looking for answers to these questions. Her thirst for knowledge about the afterlife and the man who'd come in and out of her life like a whirlwind became her obsession. The Day Before takes you on Sheila's personal journey of heartbreak and her subsequent self-enlightenment; searching for answers she desperately needed. Sheila learned that love is truly eternal and knows no boundaries. That even after death, our loved ones can reach across the veil and continue to communicate and express their love to us. As she started unraveling the questions that took over her life, she was filled with gratitude and love; knowing that her brief time spent with Sam was not the end. That their connection was forever and extends beyond the boundaries of space and time. This is a story for anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one. For anyone who has ever wondered what happens to those special people after their death. The Day Before seeks to illustrate how a person's physical departure is not the end, but the return to their true essence. Just because we cannot see them does not mean they are not there. It is an affirmation that our loved ones continue to love and guide us until it is our turn to journey home.


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