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The Birth Book, 2nd Edition : Your Ultimate Guide to Safe and Confident Childbirth - Professor Stephen Tong

The Birth Book, 2nd Edition

Your Ultimate Guide to Safe and Confident Childbirth

By: Professor Stephen Tong

Paperback | 3 April 2024

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Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Labour and Birth
The Birth Book is the ultimate guide for expectant parents-to-be. From one of Australia’s leading obstetricians, this best-selling book combines expert information, real stories and up-to-date research to earn its reputation as the essential ‘birth-bible’.
Packed with vital information – the stages of labour, modern pain relief options, vaginal birth, inducing labour, caesareans, monitoring the baby and post-birth recovery – your birth options are expertly explained and demystified. With new chapters examining birthing of twins and options for those who have previously had a caesarean section, The Birth Book simplifies complex medical information to transform childbirth anxiety into empowerment.
Professor Stephen Tong has guided thousands of births and is renowned as a leading specialist obstetrician in Australia and internationally. He steers global research programs chasing discoveries to make pregnancy and birth safer for mothers and babies. His mission is to prepare you for an informed, confident and safe birth experience.
A warm, wonderful and reassuring birth day companion.

Praise for ‘The Birth Book’
From Mums...

"Stephen's unique way of approaching birth, steeped in science but swathed in soul, is an uplifting one that brings joy and laughter instead of fear and tears to the birthing suite."
Dani Venn, Celebrity Chef, mum of two

“It’s like no book that I read before the birth of my three children, and without a doubt the one book that I needed.”
Melissa Wilson, teacher, mum of three

“It was INCREDIBLE! One minute I was wowing, then I was LOLING and at times even crying- especially at the end! This book honestly gave me goosebumps.”
Kristie Gatanios, professional singer, mum of Pia

" Humorous anecdotes coupled with a clear, unbiased and supportive view on what to expect makes this a must-read for every soon-to-be Mum and her birthing team."
Sarah Ng, banker, mum of three

“I loved the book, it was fantastic! It was very informative and easy reading without getting lost in technical talk.”
Gaby Cahill, teacher, mum of three

“A complete & comprehensive journey through labour & birth. Filled with current evidence, witty humour and raw honesty.”
Cassie Penca, mother of three

From doctors, midwives and pregnancy researchers …

“This is the birth-bible for expecting parents. It will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to feel safe throughout pregnancy and when giving birth.”
Associate Professor Lina Bergman, Obstetrician, Eminent Pregnancy Researcher, mum of twins
Uppsala, Sweden

"We assume all will go to plan but during birth things can change in an instant. What better way to be prepared than to have all the information in an entertaining and easy to read book …Funny, entertaining and educational. Read it and thank me later."

Associate Professor Cathy Cluver, Obstetrician, Eminent Pregnancy Researcher, Mum of three.
Cape Town, South Africa.

“Using humour and plain language, Professor Tong details how obstetricians think, and why. A great read for doctors; a must read for expectant parents. “
Dr Nick Walker, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Auckland

"An absolute gem in the jungle of obstetric (mis)information, and laugh-out-loud easy reading. Accurate and passionate writing. Loved it!"
Dr Aleide Vandewal, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Belgium.

“A great book explaining the workings of an obstetrician’s mind! A must read for soon-to-be parents”
Dr Prathima Chowdary, Gynaecologist, advanced laparoscopic surgeon, Auckland

“Hugely informative, witty and compassionate, this book completely demystified birth…”
Dr Roxanne Hastie, Pregnancy Researcher, mum of Charlie

“An informative and entertaining ‘road-map’ towards birth and the many different routes the journey might take you on.”
Associate Professor Tu’uhevaha Kaitu’u-Lino, Pregnancy Researcher, mum of four

“The Birth Book is approachable, amusing, and heartfelt.”
 Alex Roddy-Mitchell, midwife

"A realistic account exposing the truth behind one of the most intimate experiences in human life. Prepare yourself for a brilliantly written journey of laughter and enlightenment."
Alison Abboud, midwife

“A wonderful guide to birth that is both informative and engaging…This book provides an evidence based and non-biased approach to labour in all its facets.”.
Courtney Bird, midwife

“Stephen makes complex information easy to understand, with his characteristic wit & humility.”
Dr Lisa Begg, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Subspecialist, mum of three

About the Author

An Asian Australian, from a migrant family and schooled in the public system in Australia, Stephen climbed to become Professor by age 39. Now a leading Professor of Obstetrics in Australia, he juggles two careers. As a specialist obstetrician, he has been providing pregnancy care for two decades. Stephen has personally assisted in the birth of thousands of babies. He continues to practice his craft at Mercy Hospital for Women, one of the leading academic maternity hospitals in Australia. There, he also trains obstetric specialists of the future.

Over a long career he has kept a friendly, watchful eye over many perfectly normal vaginal births, forming part of the enthusiastic support team urging spirited pushing. He has also lent a helping hand for births that needed one by performing - or supervising - thousands of caesars, or forceps assisted births. He has consoled women touched by the devastation of stillbirth; and provided expert care for those unfortunate to have developed nasty pregnancy complications. And on occasion, Stephen has led clinical teams who have moved with haste to save a life. As a research academic, he is among one of Australia's top Professors of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Stephen is widely known internationally within his research field. Leading a big team of scientists and clinical researchers, Stephen is chasing discoveries to make pregnancy safer. Researchers under his helm or mentorship include Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers, a Rhodes Scholar and many obstetricians and scientists. He is one of the lead investigators running several clinical trials across the world - United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. These trials are testing new treatments to tackle major complications of pregnancy - preeclampsia and ectopic pregnancy.

Treatments that may ultimately save the lives of mothers and babies. Many of these treatments were originally discovered by Stephen's laboratory team in Melbourne before being launched into international clinical trials. His team is also running a multi-million dollar research program trying to develop a new blood test to help women avoid stillbirth - a terrible outcome that prematurely ends three million pregnancies a year across the globe. Stephen is also engaged in research in low and middle-income (LMIC) countries and is one of the leads of a research consortium that runs large population studies based in Pakistan, Solomon Islands and South Africa.

These studies are documenting how often life-imperilling complications befall pregnant women in these countries where resources are scarce - an attempt to uncover hidden tragedies so that something can be done about it, to save lives. He has authored over 180 scientific papers, many of which have been published in prestigious international journals based in the States, United Kingdom and Europe. His research team has attracted over ten million dollars in competitive research grant funding. In recognition of his research achievements, has received three major national awards from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC).

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