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The Art of John Alvin - John Alvin

The Art of John Alvin

By: John Alvin, Andrea Alvin

Hardcover | 15 December 2021

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John Alvin's movie poster art is among the most iconic of the last 40 years, from Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, Mulan and Pinocchio, to Empire of the Sun, Gremlins, Blazing Saddles, Predator, and the Star Wars 30th anniversary posters. This book not only collects some of Alvin's finest work, but also includes previously unseen comprehensives and in progress sketches. With the text including commentary from Alvin's widow, this is a unique insight into the work of one of the 20th century's great artist/illustrators.

Industry Reviews
"Outstanding." - Cinema Sentries

"A must for movie buffs, now available from Titan at vendors everywhere." - The Aisle Seat

"Andrea Alvin has assembled an incredible homage to her late husband in The Art of John Alvin." - Beyond the Marquee

"This is a beautifully-illustrated book and if you're a fan of movie posters from the 1970s on, it is a must-have." - Trek Today

"Exceptional attention to detail beautifully showcased on every page." - Another Castle

"A beautiful collection of work." - Illustrator's Lounge

"The extra sketches and stories behind the images add a new level of interest and appreciation to the work" - Geek Dad

"The Art of John Alvin is a wonderfully produced, filled with amazing painting and drawn artwork and easily digestible commentary on the process of poster making and promoting films. It is a great art book and would be an excellent addition to any collector's shelf." - Sound on Sight

"A great addition to the trilogy while managing to keep the story fresh and entertaining for avid fans of the television show." - BGG

"Fans of art, graphic design, filmmaking or just movies in general, will all love this book and come away with a new and exciting appreciation for John Alvin's resume of work." - The Global Dispatch

"A good addition for the library of fans of popular films and poster art." -

"This is a must buy for art and film lovers alike. John Alvin is one of the most gifted artists of our generation and this book is a loving tribute to his memory." - Pop Cults

"Thanks to The Art of John Alvin book, John's brilliant work will live on even though he passed in 2008. When you see all of the movies he's worked on you'll realize he didn't need an art book to make his work legendary, but this collection definitely honors Alvin's most memorable pieces perfectly." - Entertainment Buddha

"The color illustrations throughout are beautiful on glossy pages with exceptional quality." - Geek Twins

"As a Generation Y'er with a penchant for film and particularly that of sci-fi, this is a book that will remain in my collection for years to come. For all that Alvin had created, this book filled with 'Alvinesque' sketches and concept work is as important today as each piece was in their era. Deserving as the praise is for him, it's a shame he missed this book's release. Hopefully, this will only continue his legacy a long time to come." - Another Castle

"The Art of John Alvin is a great addition to a movie- or art-buff's library, and it helps preserve and honor the work of one of the best poster artists the industry has ever seen. The behind-the-scenes information and concept drawings alone make this one worth picking up." - Film Pulse

"The perfect coffee table book." - Hypable

"Prepare to be blown away by sketches, paintings and even tag lines that you never saw, but could have easily become the art and posters for your favorite movies." - Animation Scoop

"A must-own for fans of the lost art of the movie poster." -

"An incredible book of his work" - Giant Freakin Robot

"Setting the standard, his works have become the world's most recognizable entertainment industry poster style." - Return to Fleet

"Seriously, if you call yourself a film fan and simply can't find space on your coffee table for more than one book, make the one you own this fantastic collection." - Midroad Movie Review

"What an impressive art book. Movie fans will learn interesting tidbits about the business and the directors, while art fans can see a master's craft unfurled. This is a truly epic and great book." - Adventures in Poor Taste

"Artist John Alvin created some of the most iconic film posters in cinematic history." - Indiewire

"If you're a movie lover or a nostalgic fan of the Disney Renaissance, you gotta check out The Art of John Alvin!" - Rotoscopers

"I would be lying if I said I did not miss seeing posters in the lobby by a master craftsman like John Alvin...If you love films you will want to have this book in your collection." - Retroist

"Fans will want to show off the book to friends thanks to fantastic publication quality." - BGG

"Fascinating." - The Week

"If you have a passion for films and art, then you will definitely want to add "The Art of John Alvin" to your book collection. So thank you John Alvin for your incredible art and the emotion it brings when we look at these movie posters." - Retrenders

"Kudos to Titan for seeing that Alvin's work lives long and prospers!" - Nerdist

"Any art-collecting movie nerd worth his or her Reese's Pieces owns at least one John Alvin creation. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Blade Runner, The Gremlins, Jurassic Park--Alvin designed poster art for all of them. By hand. They are among the most enduring images of recent film history." - Wired

"Buy one for yourself and one for all your nearest and dearest loved ones." - AIn't It Cool

"You may not know John Alvin's name, but you've admired his work. Along with Drew Struzan, he's one of a few great poster artists who've shaped your love of science fiction and fantasy movies with some indelible images." - io9

"A wonderful celebration of an artist whose influence far exceeded his acclaim." - The Verge

"The unused Jurassic Park posters and Batman posters are actually pretty fantastic, offering a glimpse at just how differently these films might have been introduced to audiences." - Collider

"The acclaimed artist painted stunning posters for a number of big movies." - Comic Book Movie

"John Alvin was responsible for creating a number of beautiful painted movie posters across four decades." - Batman News

"A treasure trove's worth of works in progress the world never got to see." -

"I'd highly recommend it to anyone even passingly interested in movie promo art." - Ain't It Cool News

"There was a reason why The Lion King did the numbers that it did... There was a reason why 'Hunchback [of Notre Dame]' became a big success. It's because of the images that were produced, and a lot of those were John Alvin's paintings." - John Sabel, the executive vice president of creative print advertising at Walt Disney Pictures

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